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Boggle04's Gold Rush 3.5 Yuri Wars


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Boggle04's Gold Rush 3.5 Yuri Wars

Players 2-4
Money on Map:
Game Types:
Standard, Teamgame

Map Size W x H:

Deploys into American Air Force Command

Buildings on Map:
Tech Airport
Tech Machine Shop
Tech Power Plants
Gap Generators
Patriot Missile Sites
Sentry Guns

Game Involves:
6 Islands on map no real use for a Navy Each Island can hold 1 base, except the center Island where you will have to battle for the gold, the sixth Island has the Tech Buildings.

Special Interest:
Gap Generators Capturable Requires Engineer
Patriot Missile Sites Capturable Requires Engineer
Yuri Bases x4

There is no Tech to this map you line up and fight for the gold.
Take out your enemy you win.

The biggest Change from Boggle04's Gold Rush 2.2 Soviet Wars
Location of the water bridges
Redesign of Island of Ore
Ore Available Increased
Refineries moved closer to ore

Additional versions of this map are listed in the thread  Boggle04's Gold Rush 1.0



Boggle04's Gold Rush 3.5 Yuri Wars.jpg

Boggle04's Gold Rush 3.5 Yuri Wars.map

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My grandson had a book called the Eye Book and a line in it was MY Eyes, My Eyes, and your eyes guy? The pink doesn't show up like that in Game it is just the pic that does but the map does have a red overall tint to it.  You can get away by using Versions 2.0-2.6 but I had someone request refineries closer to ore and another felt that the entrances to the gold gave 2 bases access to more gold making for unbalanced play so I gave them this 3.0 series.


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I didn't modify anything in the light post values, but I did change the color values in the actual lighting colors in the editor, I added a little more red blue less green. So it was a surprise to me when the pink came out like that. I'm not able to render maps presently so I can't go back and forth changing the light color levels a dozen times to accomplish exactly what I might want, as a friend does my rendering and I don't want to tie his time up like that. As soon as I'm able to do my own rendering I'll be able top produce a better lighting scheme on maps. Lighting is a trial and error basis for me as this is only like the third or fourth map I've added light post to. Ill get it sooner or later though. The only real reason I added the lights was so people would see that the maps were different than series 1 and 2 of the set. As I moved refineries, and changed the locations of the water bridges on the bases to the gold ore. If you know about lighting can you answer a question for me. How much does the ground, ore, gems, & water color come into play on the lighting in the map as those are the things i would think have an influence on the color the light is emitting?


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on dimmer, more subtle lights the water and green grass kind of suck up the color a little bit, the gems and ore overlays have a tendency to look a bit obnoxious under bright lighting.

when rapidly testing .ini edit maps, in general, i found the easiest way was while running FA2 and RA2 at the same time, make a testing trigger that revealed all of map and gave me access to the stuff i was testing or whatever, and whenever you need to adjust a value you can minimize ra2, change something in fa2 (including insert ini file) hit save, switch back to ra2 and restart the map. this is the fastest way to test mods by far, and the second fastest way to check lighting, i guess.

alright, have some fun with your map modding.

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Thanks, I'll give it a try next time I'm doing lighting. Have you checked out any of my maps by chance. I would love some opinions if you feel up to it. Be sure to checkout the video Kikematamitos did for me on 1 of my Navatech Mods the Hornet Launcher,    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6-1DqXh94s&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=Iw149820869_HornetLauncher.thumb.jpg.8542454b614cedf11489e86db2a4522f.jpgAR2vMa6GFk9ttmhObrdZ30IlDA7lEfpwjoxjlw5Gato6eqf64i53F5fxPw8

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No I haven't seen your maps, at least to my knowledge I haven't. If you plan on playing a map against AI usually they won't build mods or take advantage of mods until you play it enough times in your PC for the AI to understand it, I've noticed. The way I found this out was by testing mod units and things repeatedly till I had them right. A lot of times the comp would start attacking civilian structures that I used as prerequisites to build modified units. I build a Sonic Tank that to get the build option 1 of the buildings needed was the farm silo, I had redesignated it as a Navatech Chemical Lab :Secret Lab in the ini, and the AI eventually would would send Jets, Disk, or Kirovs to attack it even before I captured it. Same thing goes for tents and stuff I modify for game play, some people tell me the AI does not really learn maps but I personally believe they do. I've played the "CompStomp Survivor LIV" map so many times the AI has actually started picking up crates and collecting Hornet Launchers, That are a Navatech Unit that only comes in crates. I've also watched the AI pick crates with MCV Yuri and Allied as well as Soviet, the only MCV available in crates on this map is Soviet. So I do believe the AI learns this stuff in maps with enough play,

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i played your map and the yuri AI just kind of kept spamming miners. i could see how it would be amusing multiplayer. i got an IE while playing, though.

it is actually possible to make the AI do what you want. most people dont play skirmish maps, but i think you might find some new concepts from the map below


that map is about as modded as a map can get

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This Yuri Map there is nothing to error it is just the 4 triggers to change house, the only other thing is didn't the MCV deploy into an American Air Force Command Center, so I would say the AI was looking for a Construction Yard when it didn't appear it was lost and erred that was what I was saying the AI doesn't play fair all the time. You ever seen the Movie War Games with Matthew Broderick I kind of look at things in that way, when playing the AI 1 player

The only winning move is not to play

Futility. That there's a time when you should just give up.
Nature just gave up and started again
What he did was great! He designed his computer so that it could learn from its own mistakes. So, they'd be better the next time they played. The system actually learned how to learn. It could teach itself!

LOL I hate to say it but a lot of these quotes do represent in the game.


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