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Beta cruiser [RA1]


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You can have the Sub and Cruiser if you want them. I'm just making the for the fun. I'm not even asking cred for them.


The cruiser turret is too small to draw 3 guns. This is why in Red Dawn I dumped the cruiser turret and drew the cruiser turret to the base. Same with the Destroyer.


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Most of the explosions are in RA1. The big one on the Power Plant is copy and paste of alot of small RA1 explosions to make one big one. The Gun fire from the Mam Tank and Pilbox is from the minigun.shp. The flame from the Flame Tower is from C&C 95.


The fakes are the Cruiser fire Destroyer missile and smoke from it and the explosion on the APC. All Tracers from the Tanks, Pillbox and Cruiser are fake and the Jet streks.

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