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Boggle04's Tour of Egypt The Great Flood


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Boggle04's Tour of Egypt The Great Flood

91 x 115
Game Modes: Standard, Navalwar, Nukewar, Airwar, Megawealth, Teamgame

As the waters of the Great Flood Rescind There is a war for the first lands uncovered.

Buildings on Map:
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Airport
American Air Force Command

Notes of Interest:
Nighthawk Helicopter-Available in Crates, Technology is available to all factions. The Nighthawk has been inproved the Passenger Load has been increased and the Pay Load increased can now transport light tanks.


Boggle04's Tour of Egypt The Great Flood.jpg

Boggle04's Tour of Egypt The Great Flood.map

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What would be nice here would be begin a TOE map that prior to actual battle like first Battle lab built if the map would chronoshift back in time to where the Nile River Valley was a lush green valley over flowing with vegetation and and the river flowing through it,the beginning being a barracks and infantry fighting over the valley, then a second chronoshift into the next war being the map TOE The Great Flood where your MCV would come in once a barracks was destroyed allowing for a naval battle that could ensue followed chronoshift bringing you to a battle on the map TOE Valley of The Oasis where you are fighting a war in the lush valley and mountains that appears after the Great Flood has began to recede , that could bring you to the full circle with a final chronoshift back to the original map or partially modified slightly of TOE so you have actually fought in 4 or 5 battles over a period of 15,000 years or so on 4 different maps,


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