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Fatality map


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Hi everyone.

These are the two maps i have been working on for a couple of weeks. These maps are based on another map by me called Brutality map which is harder than this one.

Brutality map is still in progress and i'll upload it later.

This is a multiplayer map and has two sides East and West that will be fighting each other.

Unlike any other maps that all players more or less have equal access to resources and have quite the same tasks to do,

in this map its a little different. This map truly requires teamwork. 

There are 7 towers in the map located on every gate each. By capturing the towers, players will own map sams. Towers are recapturable.

There are 4 tunnel lines placed in the map which connects the battleground to the last camps. Tunnels will open after 60 min of game time

After 120 min of game time, Fatality mod will activate, In Fatality mod, map will reveal to all players, all map sams will be destroyed and a meteor shower will happen at each tunnel entrance.

Resources are located all the way back to the last camp. So players do not have equal access to resources at the beginning.

Back players, (players 4 and 8 in 4v4 or players 3 and 6 in 3v3) are closest to the resources and also are safer than frontier players which are farther from resources and less safe.

Back players must support frontier players. They should build an mcv soon and move it toward the first gate which is the battlefront and help teammates in the battle.

Frontier players must build outward and send their next mcv back to the last camp and build their next refineries there.

Middle players can either build out and send the next mcv back to the last camp or build back in and send the next mcv out to the battlefront.

This map includes extra balances and new troops (snipers).

Have Fun.


Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.1.6 [3v3].map Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.1.6 [4v4].map

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Version 3.3.5 change log:

- fixed a problem with gdi artilery
- fixed wrong text message when tunnels open
- gates have become wider
- number of sams reduced by 4 at each gate except the middle gate
- meteor shower removed from fatality mod
- artilleries strength reduced to 250 from 300
- mcv cost reduced to 2500 from 3500
- mcv sight increased to 9 from 6
- jumpjet flying speed increased by 50%

Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.3.5 [3v3].map Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.3.5 [4v4].map

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Version 3.4.2 change log:

- max troop build queue increased to 30 from 5
- ghost stalker speed increased by 1
- harvester speed increased to 12 from 10
- harvester capacity reduced to default value (28) from 60
- tiberium value increased to 45 from 25
- gdi / nod wall adjacency increased to 6 from 4

 I have also added two new versions which have a laser fence around the center tower.

fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_[3v3].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_[4v4].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_fences_[3v3].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_fences_[4v4].mpr

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