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AI in PS1 game different than in PC game ?


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I used to play C&C Red Alert Retaliation on PS1 when I was a child.

I always had a vague memory that once, in Skirmish mode, the AI built an advanced tech center (and possibly Tanya units).

But I always had a doubt whether it was possible or not that the AI built this structure. On PC, I've never see the AI building this structure.

However, yesterday, I came accross this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCMFmP1u_qs&t=18m11s

You can clearly see that the AI built an advanced tech center. Also, what is strange is that until that point in the video, the AI hasn't attacked.

Hence my question: is the AI on PS1 different than in PC ?

It seems he can built more advanced structures. However, I've never seen it building naval structures or units. Even in PS1...


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What I noticed in the video I shared is that the AI who built the tech. center hasn’t attacked with his entire army as usual.


Have you noticed it on PS1 or PC ?


On PS1 however, I’m still pretty sure the AI can’t build naval units. There is a map on RA retaliation split in 2 by water and the AI cannot attack us if it is on one side of the map and we are on the other side.


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