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Boggle04's Oil in the Center 9.03 Para Drop Sp 2-4


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Not really, Kikematamitos wanted an oil in the center for 6 players that was an impossibility, because the tile sets are all in 45/90 degree angles, so I made it 8 positions and it was a hit. Then Future another player ask if I could make it in a 2-4 player version, because getting 8 players was hard and sometimes caused a lot of lag. So to do it and narrow the base areas I chose to add the ponds on both sides of the base, which in turn allows for Naval and if you were to set Air Craft Carrier, Aegis Cruiser, or Flak Boats becomes useful for defense. I doubt anyone does that except on either the We Have Oil, or Secret Lab Versions since they provide for extra money on the maps. I kept the diagonals because it makes my maps unique as opposed the the vertical and horizontal splits. I've been using cliff backs smashed into the ground in my maps since back in 2002, looks more natural than the fake stones that come in the map editor. In fact Star Tube even did a tutorial on it for me to share this mapping design. https://youtu.be/Rr95_c_9WuE

I know I talk to much and to much information.

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