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Tiberian Ring (2-4) [FS]


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Well this has been sitting around for quite some time...I'v debated if I should add a tib creature spawn point or not....but for now there isn't one. I may update soon and put it in if enough people want it in the map.



Name: Tiberian Ring

Map Maker: Ixith

Map Size: 82X98

Players: 2-4

Theatre: Temperate, Mutated


Info: This is a 4 player heavily mutated map. It's the most symmetrical map I have ever made. Players shall have plenty of build room and more than enough tiberium to fill their harvestors up 10X over. This is probably one of the closest unlimited money tourny type map you will ever play. It's also my 24th released map. So enjoy. ;)


Story: This land was infected by tiberium and was once a rich land. However, the Tiberium had put an end to this. It quickly spread throughout this land and held no delay in taking over. The small communtiy that was located at the bottom of the canyonous like pit was soon cripled by tiberium creatures which left no remnants of the city except the bridges. Then not long after the city area itself was turned into the center and most infected area.


If you find any problems please let me know!


I only have the minimap and the megamap for you...and things have been changed since the megamap to....

Credit for the megamap goes to TeamBlack again. :) Thanks a lot!





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