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Who would win in a hypothetical battle in heaven?

Hungry Mike

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This question is very off-topic, but we are in the general discussion forum, so thats why it is very on-topic lol.

I love classical music. So many like Mozart, Beethoven, Tschaikowsky, and all this romantic crap.

But i cant get that. If you think of a "music battle in heaven" between Bach and Monteverdi on the one side and Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Brahms and all these guys on the other side, Monteverdi and Bach would educate these noobs even in a 2vs6.

What do you think? Who would win that battle? And why do people like all these guys after Haydn despite they being weak (with boring, nonsense music) compared to these two great maestros (Monteverdi and Bach), who made extraordinaraly perfect music, music from heaven i should say, and why do so many people run away from Bach and dont know about Monteverdi at all?

Feel free to express yourself :)

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I don't think anyone is gonna answer this seriously bro lmao.

Good classical music resonates with the eternal void which we are, thats why there is silence in the music. In music of the mind however, it is subject and object, form-based. These meastro's as you call them were clearly saints, and like any saint they bring a gift into this world. I don't see why they should fight lol. Perhaps the noobs should spec the maestro's. There are even great fighters who are so 1 with life, nobody can stop them. They fight with respect and humility, effecting the world and the cheering crowd and even the world without them knowing it. Its hard to keep this ontopic man, it has nothing to do with cnc. Lol. You can always compare bits of it with gaming but lol ima start talking fucking spiritual and shit if i dont look out. I think its against the rules to talk like that eventho i always wanna derail any topic to a topic about mindcontrol, chemtrails, and us appearing as finite entity's. Just cuz i see the delusion of the mind identified state, the little me. You wanna be great like Bach or Monteverdi? Then read the spaces between these letters and listen to the silence between their notes

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Hahaha, Holland. Now i know, where you get your ideas for these very untypical and fun maps from!

Well, i thought in a general discussion forum we could talk about off-topic things lol.

Despite that, it has some parallels to Ts gaming: Me and Firestar vs 3 or me and Jaro vs 3. I won all 4 2vs3 games :D (now i am proud, xD [irony]).

But seriously: I wont be great like Bach or Monteverdi, thats inpossible. These two saints, as you rightly call them, are too pro for me. Its like Zenetusken from TS together with Lovehandles from TD lol.


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