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Not Working [EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #1 Red Alert II / [EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #2 Red Alert II

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Hello together,

both server should working again

[EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #1 Red Alert II 

[EU]Purple-Horizon-Clan.net #2 Red Alert II

can you please test it? thanks



Edited by saengerkrieg12

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    • By ryan2bready
      I've created a tunnel server "Cannon Fodder" for Yuri's revenge and am forwarding port 50000. I can see the server in the web summary list but not in game. In fact the list of in game server options is much smaller than the list on the website- anything I'm missing?
      advice welcomed, thank you!
    • By KcTeBy
      Hello, I am new to the forum, I hope I don't do a bad post.
      I just want to report that this server I never saw it work and it doesn't work 3 weeks ago.
      I did a port check and port 50000 is closed, the strange thing is that it reports it as "OK" in status.
      Greetings from Argentina! Stephen
    • By CheebsCake
      Australian Tunnel not working.
      The guys and I have been trying to connect to it for about 5 days now so just putting in a support request.
    • By ryanlloydpmb
      Hi everyone, I have installed yuris  revenge and playing with about 10 friends in south africa the ping is a little slow and sometimes not great.
      So today I tried to setup my own tunnel server, first using the the windows 10 and following a thread on here for what's needed. The cncnet application runs and sends heart beats and seems fine, also no password is set. 
      After 2 hours I decided to setup a second tunnel server this time from my office. I used a linux machine we have at the office and followed the same thread for linux.
      Checking the log file I see heart beats and server seems to be running. Both are now live for more than a couple hours each. The names are southafricawindows and southafricalinux
      I can't see them on the live status website link and I cant see them in the game when setting up game and using advanced setting to select tunnel server.
      These are running of a normal windows 10 laptop with 32 gig of ram. And for linux a desktop machine also with decent specs but ubuntu 18.6
      Please help me fix this so we can run a decent server in south Africa.
    • By yunustuz
      whenever me and my m8 try to start the game.. freezes up and gives us an error. Says to change the tunnel in adv options.. is the server down or something?
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