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  2. Try to change your renderer to either GDI or DDrawCompat and check if one of these are working.
  3. Not only that, but the shape of the ConYard itself is also inaccurate to the original image - both in-game and as shown in the FMV, and official renders. You can see in this strategy guide scan that the outer walls are not parallel but fan outwards to the front. Neither are they flat on top but slope quite a bit. It seems that the artist used the raw sprite as reference without regard to the aspect ratio correction issue (I'm afraid that the team might not be even aware of this problem, possibly because they're using C&C95 as a reference), resulting in a different height-to-width ratio of the building. But the in-game sprite is still pretty unambiguous about the outer walls being non-parallel. No idea why this was changed. The result is as if someone had played C&C a long while ago and then created the remastered version of the ConYard from a vague memory of what it looked like in the original game. There doesn't seem to be any reason for the developers of the remaster to not use as much original reference material as possible to maintain authenticity of the visuals. There's plenty of high-res renders out there, but Jim Vessella's post only mentions the FMV and the UI icons (presumably from the C&C95 release). Is the team even aware of these other sources? I mean, aren't the sprites being done by the same team as StarCraft Remastered? The sprites in SCR are very close to their original counterparts. Can these criticisms be in any way related to the remaster dev team?
  4. Cool, I've been listening to this track earlier today (cued by the word Mayday) and wondered exactly where those soundbites come from :) BTW, it seems like the jukebox at Frank K's site is down for some reason :(
  5. Installed the game from Origins Ultimate edition and ran it, it froze, then i installed your patch and now it won't load at all, please help.
  6. SyS

    Returning player

    Back in the Westwood days I used alias semanuk when I first started and switched between TealcSG1 always loved ts more then the their c&c games would love to have a reunion with all the old players tho -SyS I remember most old ts players from rank games like nooooobe,nopic,sean3z,revolt Jae n joe from apaxteam.lucifer66,t0k3d lol the last two I still say was the cause for the lobby chat to Ben shit off and Westwood to give up on their servers allowing Olaf can see speak to run the main support for them ,✌🏽 -SyS
  7. Yesterday
  8. I had the chance to play this on a money map. Having those MRLS sooner than my opponent expected was a great benefit. I raped his army (twice). That was a lot of fun. Either way, I have been thinking about your Stealth Tank adjustments. While they remain a Recon Bike with Stealth option. It is this Stealth that makes them what they are. A surprise amount of damage when hunting harvesters or fending of air units. Also, the scouting of your opponent. So here is my suggestion: Instead of health increase and cost decrease. How about just one extra rocket that they fire? Increasing their damage with 50%. This way, their price stays loyal to the original. And they look a bit like their big brothers in C&C3.
  9. SyS


    Hello hello thank you for welcoming back, myg been a while lad Looking forward to kicking bum online guys/girls! Just awaiting virgin media to arrive roaaaar -SyS
  10. you can blow up enemy base + capture their entire army with a single click? lul
  11. Giants is much more like TD and RA, and TS follows them. So its in fact a sin against C&C to say Giants is not worth to be in Ts. Giants fixes the extreme unballance between Gdi and Nod (money, energy). And which game has only 1 map to play and is good? Its just some old players clinging on their Terrace stuff. But it doesnt make you smart: You wont be capable of being a RA or TD pro ;).
  12. You can search the map db for maps that have been played online http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=assault Not sure if all of them work on single player, but the two you mentioned are listed too so I guess some might work fine
  13. yeh on maps like the 3 maps we play... we never use said units... lets not play other plays where they maybe more applicable... just mod it all instead.... also giants isnt worth to be in ts... how can u even compare units on a botched out map like that ? scenario specific units. play 1 scenario get one specific unit... ughhh .... maps where you have low tib a repair vehicle will be more valuable.... on giants u get a million quid why even repair bans u can build that many so the map renders it more useless give up trying to fix stuff and figure out another way around the problem... strategies... play a different map... try a different combo..
  14. I'll do for both from now on. If you miss it, you have to scroll down hehe
  15. 3-5 hrs in 3ds max... Delete dirt effect from textures. Looks like shit. One of the things I hate in the most of modern games is dirt effect. If you want make things more realistic, make battle visual effects (like explosions) more beautiful.
  16. Yeah I dont like RA3 that much, but other C&C games before that are good. I prefer Generals and C&C1.
  17. How about that your PC can run't it? that is why RA3 aren't popular and because change to much maybe RA2 is the best inversion for EA but people never support my survey.
  18. Last week
  19. Ferret


    SyS! Welcome back dude! Good to see you.
  20. Myg


    Hey Sys! Welcome back.
  21. Now then peeps it took a while to sort out my personal issues in life, but I'm back and so happy about being here again!! just in time for the remaster of C&C I see look forward too hearing from you all. - SyS
  22. Why don't you link the image in the first post to your video so that lazy people like me won't have to scroll to the last post?
  23. :O Good old klipseracer contributing to the tiberian sun community SyS
  24. Why is their such little support for tiberian sun? :O Would love to see a remaster for that over then the one on moddb with the cnc-net client. Not saying its not a great modification for the game, because it is, enjoyed playing it on prison. But wow a remaster for that game would be epic! -SyS
  25. Looks to me like there using the C&C3(SAGE) engine :'( SyS
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