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  2. No, the world map transition only freezes with this mod. I'll give using the old files a go.
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  4. Shredded, & WeaponX
  5. Thanks Edd. I'll take what I can get. No one online atm, but I'll check in whenever I'm around.
  6. That's a shame! Does the same happen to you with the normal game? I've had one other tester report this but I was not able to figure out why it happens. The best I could come up with was something up with the computer. If it doesn't happen with the normal game, perhaps you could copy over your ddraw.dll and ddraw.ini from your vanilla C&C directories and see if that works. But hey thanks for enjoying! Hey glad you're enjoying too Matt! Strange that you get issues with videos too. I suppose the same thing goes for the ddraw.dll advice I gave TaxOwlBear, play around with settings and see if you can get it working, but if it happens with vanilla too I don't know what to say. At least it comes around eventually I haven't touched his idle animations for some time actually! Not sure if Cassandra's sprites were in at the time though.
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  8. FlyingMustache

    CNC Busy

    The point of quick match was to get into a match quick. Not that the match itself would be quick. Sometimes they can be, sometimes not.
  9. @fireghoul you're opening up the can of worms. Nobody agrees on balance to change the game. Nor what kind of game setting to play. Soviet is strong already with Superweapons gameplay. Without Superweapons, soviet is weaker than the other two, yes. The game will never be changed by cncnet since there's no agreement, but many people have modded it themselves using maps. Like the one I made. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3201-mx-mod-maps/
  10. New Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Soviet mission Disc. The Zip holds the sov01t.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Soviet Mission. Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored. Foothold.zip
  11. It’s lookin really great! That world map is beyond cool! What program do you use to create the underlying .cps map? Also did you improve the infantry sprites? I don’t recall the “protagonist’s” idle animations looking so good when I saw them last. Anyways congrats! Oh btw, it’s working pretty good for me I just get long pauses before any video plays....
  12. Hi, just wanted to let y'all know that progress on the excellent World War 2 mod for C&C Generals ZH is somewhat stalled because the mod team is in need of beta testers. Is anyone here interested in helping with testing? You can join their Discord Group and let Novikolay know you are interested in helping. https://discord.gg/mFZVBuZ Things in need for testing are: - check game with bots - check for fixes - check the network game with other people (cooperation with other testers) - write bug reports Please note: the test version of the game is all in Russian (you can use the language file from the previous version, but new language changes in it will not be replaced until a new translation is made.
  13. Excellent map!!! BK you the Engineer,!,!.......The Man!! I bet I am the only one to have ever died on one of these...what a great first experience.
  14. The mod looks very interesting, but the world map regularly freezes for me. The entire application does, in fact. It does recover when the animation is over, however.
  15. Do it before you even log into the QM client in the next month.
  16. So i just activate the one i want before i complete any qm's next ladder?
  17. Hey, what's up man. Unfortunately there's no Ra2 ladder atm; however, I've recently been hosting tournaments and we're currently in the middle of a Ra2 2vs2 Tournament. There's talk about another Ra2 tournament coming up soon but we'll see. If you're looking for players like you and me who also enjoy Ra2, you can join us in our 'Tournament Discord' https://discord.gg/yuTmHBh There's plenty of really competitive players here and we often arrange Ra2 ffg's as well. Feel free to join us.
  18. Activate a new nickname here https://ladder.cncnet.org/account
  19. I want to change the name for next season Not use 2 at once
  20. You cannot, it's against the rules to use multiple accounts.
  21. How to you switch accounts for qm?
  22. Maybe this helps. https://github.com/CnCNet/ts-patches/blob/master/res/tibsun.exe.manifest
  23. I'm trying to create a portable version of RA2, so I want to eliminate the registration for Blowfish.dll. I found a link from @Iran where @FunkyFr3sh described a method here: https://ppmforums.com/topic-41629/using-blowfishdll-without-registration-no-admin-rights/ But the example there is dead, and I can't seem to produce a manifest that works. MT.exe gave me this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0"> <file name="blowfish.dll" hashalg="SHA1"> <comClass clsid="{1440AD10-6AA8-11D1-B6F9-00A024DDAFD1}" tlbid="{E7F91750-8861-11D1-B707-00A024DDAFD1}" description="Blowfish encryption algorithm"></comClass> <typelib tlbid="{E7F91750-8861-11D1-B707-00A024DDAFD1}" version="1.0" helpdir="" flags="HASDISKIMAGE"></typelib> </file> <comInterfaceExternalProxyStub name="IBlockCipher" iid="{E0113100-6A7C-11D1-B6F9-00A024DDAFD1}" tlbid="{E7F91750-8861-11D1-B707-00A024DDAFD1}" proxyStubClsid32="{E0113100-6A7C-11D1-B6F9-00A024DDAFD1}"> </comInterfaceExternalProxyStub> </assembly> But it does nothing. I'd be grateful for any help.
  24. Have him restart his router a few times to get a different IP address.
  25. I recommended my friend to update YR to play online on cncnet. At first he can play with me normally, but 3 days after installed the program this happen to him How can this problem be solved? He's very frustrated because it is suddenly happen and he doesn't want to quit YR. Please help. p.s. he doesn't have an account on cncnet community, but if anyone who can help him and wants to talk to him. I'll tell him to register on this site.
  26. Hey everyone. Originally played pretty hardcore way back in the day with Ra2. Family brought me back into the game, and now I'm looking for competitive / organized Ra2 only. No offense, but Yuri Revenge expansion is pretty trash in my opinion and I get no joy out of playing it. Anyways, I see ladders on CnC net for YR, TS, and it looks like Ra1 ? Are there ladder matches for Ra2? What is the best way to find Ra2 matches on the client, as most people play YR from what I see. Thanks
  27. To anyone who has downloaded this yesterday, please grab the new version available now. It corrects a missing file that was preventing CoA mission 6 from being playable. Apologies for that!
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