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  1. Today
  2. I have created a mod map called 'Protect your People'. Essentially you each start with 5 civs and if they die you lose. I have issues with it though which cause one player to have to be Nod and one player has to be GDI and they have to be in proper spots on the map in order for the civs to be on the right teams. I believe its because i dont properly understand "houses" or some such. I also had another idea for a mod (haven't started working on yet or anything) in which one player starts in a city which they must protect (with limited resources which are given at certain intervals) for a certain amount of time against an opponent who recieves reinforcements of some kind at regular intervals... if so many buildings are destroyed player 2 wins...something like that..
  3. ZAIN vs Vwwwwww Quickmatch Series
  4. What about the map, with HUUGE lake taking most of its space and only accessible parts are edges, corners and Tiberium Island in the middle of the lake. Skirmish map like this would be very interesting...
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hey guys, please I need help with this error whenever I click LAN in yuri's revenge, it was working a few days ago for a while, but suddenly this happened, firewall and antivirus are off... thank you in advance
  7. I am making a mod for Tiberian Sun, but I need a file which I cannot find in my directory. I have no GameOptions.ini, and cannot find a way to add more factions to the game, so does CnCNet come with the file? Or do I have to download it elsewhere?
  8. What about integrating TD in TS? XD
  9. You are the boss in moding; your mod maps are awesome :D. Please, i beg you, Holland, make an Obelisk map with shots in the colour of the owner, where they are deployable and stuff like that. Have mercy with my poor, weak soul!
  10. Boggle04

    WTF Man?

    Thank you Kikematamitos, & Yosef, I hope many people play & enjoy the map. I plan on more maps of this type.
  11. dkeeton

    laddder game

    Looks like it's already been corrected.
  12. this a bug i didnt even go into a game vs this guy went back to https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/8-2019/ts/games/102243
  13. Last week
  14. Did you try to change your renderer in the red alert config? What the error message btw? is there a file named ra95crash.dmp in the game folder?
  15. Hello Everyone, Please can I get some help ? I have installed the full version of the above, from this website. I'm running Windows 10 home. Installation was fine, start up application, select play offline... Game starts but just the front screen then crashes. ctrl alt delete doesn't work, I have to restart computer. I had this game on Dosbox but for some reason it stopped loading new levels. So it may be an easy fix but I'm becoming easily exhausted of trying to get this game to run. Thanks in advance 😁
  16. So to kinda get the idea of whats possible, check out my maps, skylegend and ptapiok's maps. Oil derricks are also possible, other ways to get money is by amount of kills and or buildings, or a 'by map spawned vehicle' that keeps to a script (like the boat in map Harbor wars) Boats are available You can start with any unit Basically anything in rules.ini is editable too, so also take a look in there. Unfortunately we can't create anything on 'when a player dies' (has to be implemented) Just know that there is a lot possible, please just post any idea, let your imagination go wild and I'll let you know of its possible
  17. U have to learn how to mod bro. Its very easy. Its not programming, its editing the rules. Just open rules.ini and look how easy it is
  18. Look how frightened GDI is, when they hear Obelisks could be moveable... And WeaponX: Sounds great! XD
  19. The mini cursors in Ra2 The mini cursors in YR They are invisble and disappear in the CnCNet Red Alert 2 Mode
  20. It's interesting to see the C&C3 font used for this UI. My feelings are the same as my sidebar feedback: - The black metal material is too generic. Again, I suggest using a black granite theme for these solid object-style UIs in TD, supplemented by more EVA-style, electronic HUD UI. That will be actually true to the UI art style of TD Gold Edition. - The campaign button icons are too finely detailed for their very tiny size. They should be designed to be recognizable from a distance. - The campaign buttons' oblong shapes are not a natural fit for the round logos. Consider either making them taller and more square, or if you are to keep their oblong shape, representing the icons using their "middle sections", i.e. instead of the full logo, only the middle part of the GDI & Nod logos are in the button, enough for us to see the eagle's head and the scorpion tail's tip, while the top & bottom parts are cut off outside the frame. - For this UI, since they signify different campaigns, the icons can also have different colors: GDI yellow, Nod red, Ops green, Dinosaur orange or brown, for example. - OTOH the "camera" icon, along with the Intro & Completion cinematic buttons, are too large for their supporting role, especially compared to the much more important campaign buttons and Back/Start buttons.
  21. fck it lets have walking sams too... basically u just want a deployable scorpion tank for nod
  22. So I recently downloaded Tiberian Sun from Origin (bought the UC a few years back) and installed the unofficial patch. However, whenever I try to play the game, it launches with the error message "Unable to create Direct Sound object. Preceding with sound disabled". I am using a set of headphones, so the stereo issue doesn't work. the game works fine it seems, just without any sound. I am running on Windows 10, with the CnCNet unofficial patch already installed. Please help.
  23. That is actually a great fucking idea. Mobile obelisks. Id keep them exactly as powerful as they were. And lower the power (energy needed) a tiny tiny bit, and make them non carryable ^
  24. Elite! now get your allies to make you a few carriers, number them all, deploy all at once when landed and 1-shoot buildings :)
  25. The game is peer-to-peer, that means there is no host and no server. Is every single game you play laggy? Does it show a warning about you having a unstable connection before the game starts?
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