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  1. Thanks for the tactics again It isn't possible to play against AI on skirmish, is it? ^^ I know there is the mod for Tiberian Sun which turns the game into CnC95 but it somehow isn't the same for me. And AI in normal CnC95 isn't possible by the code I guess..?
  2. Nice tactics there, guys! But I think I might stick to the single player campaign instead of letting my *** get beaten online
  3. After years I've tried to replay this old gem of my early childhood (this time on multiplayer). My ass got kicked, but I managed to infiltrade an enemy silo
  4. I was just visiting these forums here for the first time and I am shocked how people are talking to each other in rude and very silly ways. Why is this place (and the CnCnet lobby) so full of people flaming each other and guys trolling around when this community was built by mature people who love the classic gaming series?
  5. What is wrong with you people? One with over 200 posts starts a new topic just to say thank you and then one with over 700 posts starts to talk about utter crap. Really, I can't understand why there is such a "culture" in these "civilized" forums. I would feel ashamed if I would post things like these here on public.
  6. I'd like to see a feature in which only the host can change the game speed. It is not so nice to have each player change the game speed ingame all the time
  7. I am a bit confused as I am trying to run this, too. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious and you guys can help. I installed RA2 + YR german and patched it to v1001. Then I copied the CnCNet4.exe into the directory and started it. After that RA2YR starts, but when I try to search for online servers it tells me that I need to install Westwood Online Components. I always thought this wouldn't be required for CnCnet4 to work (?) On your instructions website I also read that there may be errors with RA2YR and its copy protections so I tried out the Viper no cd crack and took out the cd. But still the game wants the cd when I now start the exe. What must I do to get Cncnet4 to work with YR? Thanks for helping out!
  8. Yay now it works fine =) Just need someone to play. Are there any special times here when people come together to play? :beer:
  9. Hey pals! Just signed in here and wanted to say hello! If I can manage to get this CnCnet to work under my Vista then I'll might be able to battle some of you guys I was playing C&C95 since it was in a Games Collection nearly 10 years ago. But I never played it online or something. Just messed around with the ai in campaign mode. I really liked the story and the gameplay. So I am happy about the fact that there is a ready-to-play CnC Gold Version which already runs under my Vista. You might want to try some of my missions I build, who knows? As you might can guess my name's Toni. I come from Germany. Hope we have fun - thanks for the forum!
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