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  1. Great to hear that @sgtmyers88, I was just thinking today about c&c gold redux and how it has all those nice shader effects and what not and how it outclasses the 'remaster'... as for the RA part of it... dunno, always liked c&c gold more than ra (or tiberian sun and later games). 🍀
  2. It might be necro-posting, but this direction they've taken is yet another reason why should people play this mod instead of the 'original' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjbtTJ3sNe0
  3. Still fun to play, discovered possible bug (maybe it was reported) - I beileve it has something to do with the free space for landing - if you try to board infantry into transport heli and the base is densly built (small distance between buildings, walls surrounding base are also close to the building) - the transport chopper will land far away outside (it does that when you try to land it to helipad to repair it - long landing animation ends far away from the target area).
  4. Upgrading power plant is a nifty way to repair it to the fullest whilst being damaged; similar goes for the construction yard - redeploy it and on the second deployment, it gets full hp... I suppose path finding is causing random hiccups when i try moving large amount of units (probably is the cause of stuttering during a10 bombing runs - the enemy is clustered between buildings and can't move from the harm's way) Overall, an excellent mod nonetheless... less bugs than the vanilla game that is for sure and a lot more funnier/good looking too. Best of luck ETA: Also, although I’ve built an advanced comm center, I couldn't recruit a10 or wolverine walker unit (talon vs. black hand, winter wolf map, first decade version... although set to winxpsp2 compatibility, still no shell map in background) I've forgot to take a screenshot (used prtscr, forgot it is f12) to see building clipping - rear of the tiberian refinery was 'glued' to the rear of temple of nod
  5. Didn't read the mentioned book, though it does sound interesting. What I had in mind is, let's say, communist government in china/north korea that are quite informational control freaks (though I hear Australia is on track with 'em , though if we want to be completely open and fair - many countries maintain control over informational flow, to a certain extent and/or degree). And yes, I didn't mean to badmouth communism or socialism, since I personally like some of the ideas elaborated there. I'm just badmouthing dictatorships and communist regimes that are using (in the absence of better word) "evil" methods of control. We can all wait for sgtmyers88 to prove me wrong, though I understood him that the closest resemblance to the "communist" word he used meant "evil" dictatorship/communists regimes (like in the countries I mentioned above)... let's not forget, for example (correct me please if I'm mistaken, thank you in advance ) Sweden, though being a monarchy, not to mention many capitalist characteristics, it does retain certain level of socialism, which makes it one of the most attractive countries in the world...
  6. I believe that sgtmyers88 by communism meant centralized control of one supreme power over everyone and everything else (in communism it is the central party over citizens and party members and it is even above government, with privacy invasion techniques in order to achieve/maintain tight grip/control; in this case it is EA above it's users/customers and, judging by the privacy invasion, it is above the laws and governments).
  7. and many more share your feelings, sgtmyers88, towards EvilAgency and the wrecked c&($)c franchise that got butchered and mutilated by them, over and over... and the screw up to the gamers (and not only them, Ubisoft too) with their "be online to play offline"... I mean WTF?! Hackers will easily crack that kind of copy protection easily, even if the publishers would host exe files on internet (for example, exe wouldn't be installed with the game, but you connect with browser to the publisher site, they authenticate you and allow you access to exe file so that it will run your game locally... if i remember correctly, similar was tried with a mmorpg, and it failed miserably). So this is no against piracy, cuz pirates will just kick this copy protection too in the groins, and distribute wares all across the world... and what about paying players, who bought their games?! They'll get stuck with lousy copy protection that will destroy the good gameplay feeling and many will (and no one can judge them) migrate to warez version of games, so they can enjoy singleplayer/offline content without worrying about internet connection getting interrupted, authentication server overload, coffee spilled over hubs, Al Qaeda or any other reason to deny them playing their game. Thus, the PC gaming will be left to indie developers (like you sgtmyers88) with occasional megahit hitting pc... only hardware manufacturers can step in and start developing games if they are willing to stay in bussines (nvidia and AMD/ATI, Intel etc.)... cuz Microsoft doesn't care if the sales of windows drop due to dying pc gaming, when they milk out for licenses of those developers making games for XBoxLive 360 thingie.... Only hardware makers can save pc gaming by injecting resources in game development... because, if pc gaming dies, who will be buying new hardware? I won't, most likely
  8. ...fail for me, I forgot to set to compatibility mod (now I set it to Windows XP SP3 and it plays shell map-which means I just sit and watch it, i'm not playing the mod ). Thx for reminding
  9. Well, I managed to run shell map for zero hour by launching zero hour from the disc's autoplay launcher... I have yet to try out to disable shaders and check will the tdr1.3 shell map run then (btw, disable it from launcher or just shift+12 during the intro movie?). Also, a bug/exploit report (cuz it would be double posting for me then in bug section if i recall correctly). When the Tiberian Refinery is under attack, without deployed harvester - once you deploy it, the Tiberian Refinery health bar fully restores as if the building wasn't damaged at all... As for win7 ownership, I disabled UAC (user account control), thus leaving me only to try right clicking "Run as admin..."
  10. Um... let me give this a shot... 1)A10Warthog (TFT) 2)Assault Orca/Orca VTOL fighter (TFT/GDI) 3)Advanced Mammoth/Mammoth (TFT/GDI) 4)Elite Commando (TFT/BHON) 5)Wolverine (TFT) and maybe F22Raptor from Black hand of Nod, since it is similar to A10Warthog (both machine gun and missiles), but since I'm not a big fan of Nod (I dislike 'em, sorry Nod fans), and it doesn't carry the payload of A10... it won't make to the list. P.S. My joy never ends when I see my orcas flying faster than apache or comanche (maybe I should report this as a bug/imbalance)
  11. I also don't have the shell map (animated background), sometimes it appears (but really rarely), but everything else works fine (although I'm still to test the hamachi multiplayer, since the issue I had with another player - we couldn't see each other, not even in vanilla zero hour. Only generals 1.8 worked). I read somewhere that if you run the mod through launcher, then exit the game, but leave the launcher in background, then go to zero hour folder and run generals.exe directly from there, it will load the mod (because of the launcher in background) AND it should run the shell map that way too... P.S. Good riddance to the shell map, it is so beautifully done that I used to sit there and watch it for tens of minutes, instead playing, that is how good it is (congrats on that too sgtmyers88 /salute )
  12. Well, this is now for Tiberian dawn redux version 1.3. Tested skirmish so far Mostly playing as GDI Task force Talon versus Nod Black Hand Two concerns about A10 Warthogs: a) those you get as general's powers, after some time, becomes unable to target anything, be it ground, enemy unit or building - it is just the icon that suggests you can't target anything b) the A10 Warthogs that you build at airfield are, in my humble (possibly wrong) opinion, overpowered a bit (since I really like to use them and mop up the base in one strafe)... they just own everything without mercy on their path (glad I never felt A10s on my base, if you like this description more ) Also... hamachi multiplayer... Tried to play with one player... we managed to load and play regular vanilla generals (2 of us vs. brutal GLA), but not zero hour, nor tdr 1.3 (so this is not a bug on the behalf of developers of this awesome mod; this is more a note/question about this problem). And I feel that the number of music tracks played is limited (to my knowledge, inside this mod, there are more music tracks than those actually being played during skirmish... similar to bug in multiplayer - only up to 4 player map size limit...) Until we discover more intel and get the next optimal geo-synchronization positioning of GDI Communication Satellite "CrazyGoat" base commander signing out. *static* EDIT: Are ORCAs (both assault from tft and the GDI's VTOL basic one) meant to be faster than Nod's counterparts (Apache and Comanche?)... cause it's a bit imbalanced (though I don't mind overpowered GDI, mind you )
  13. I assume you have latest nvidia gpu drivers installed from http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us (not the stock ones from M$ windows 7...) Did something similar to this problem appeared in some other 3d application/game?
  14. Well, as I've said on moddb page where the mod is also hosted - great job, quite astonishing and unbelievable how such an old and quite buggy engine could be brought to life with exquisite graphic and sound upgrades, A.I. coding, new features, improving the old ones and many other things...all backed up with gathering of modders on the international level (feels like a GDI sponsored making of this mod ). There are many nice things and compliments to be given to this mod, to you sgtmyers88 as it's leader and to others who participated/supported in it's creation... (for some reason I really enjoy it, even bordering sadism, when I unleash A-10 Warthogs from Task force Talon's airfileds... assault orcas are really cool... the sound and flashes of minigun and missiles from both orca, a10 and advanced guard tower are so awesome ) I would give it almost 10/10, but then again I really dislike zero hour, since it had lags/choppy gameplay when we compare to similar games that were out on the market at the same time as zero hour (can't remember now what was the game that had even better graphic than zero hour back in 2003, yet it was less choppy/laggy). I have issues that sometimes the shell map will play, sometimes it won't, both for vanilla generals and zero hour (and mod too), but I believe we can solely blame it on the EA "ingenuity" of shooting their own foot (not to mention the inability to connect to generals online which led me to discover that, for some reason, i'm playing zero hour without generals.dat running and when i went to see it in folder - it is not there; its missing). Not to mention that (even before downloading and installing mod) the game used to blow up my units and buildings after couple of seconds of skirmish gameplay (and no, I don't use nocd cracks unless i have to; and believe it or not, after i used nocd crack, the selfdestruction of my buldings and units ceased - i could finish a skirmish play ). So, when you sum it up: A+ for effort; A for mod; B for engine choice; and F(ail) for EA. Once again, nothing is wrong with your own work and the work of your fellow modders... the engine and the owner are a different story, mind you (though sometimes, the textures on buildings seems a bit low-res/uglish a bit when you zoom in; and small white squares popping out on some parts/areas of map... and, of course, the sudden choppy gameplay/lag when enemy A.I. moves units into attack, or when I move a lot of units to enemy base... although rarely...) Oh, yeah, since my upload is a bit (s)low, I can't host hamachi games, and the room provided isn't online... could we have some sort of alternative hamachi room please Thank you in advance. PC specs where I played the mod: CPU Intel C2D E8400 GPU GeForce 9600GT 4Gb or ram Windows 7 (anything else relevant to mention?)
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