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  1. Should we be happy with this ???Wtf is this bs
  2. They need more maps in QM or dif map pool ,why u think qm is so dead atm ?
  3. Support Red Alert 2 ,its just the better game. No bs with BF , no yuri faction which is fucking retarded,super gi's they were good enough in Red alert 2
  4. No i will not try that game. ill wait for the remaster(ra1) and if its good ,then i hope they will remaster ra2 and if that is good and they will remaster ra2 ,then maybe maybe ill buy some new EA RTS game,but for now ill never ever will try another game from EA.
  5. When i look if i blocked email from cnc, i dont get any of ur emailaddres
  6. I tryed that cuple of times and this is what i get
  7. cncdeso And as u can see i can get email from cncnet
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