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  1. Have fun, regardless of beliefs, work or seasonal excess catching up with you...
  2. Ah well - Cheers for that.
  3. I get the same issue myself, connecting over a 3G dongle. Even when Windows XP insists the ports are opened up, cncnet insists that they're not.
  4. I know that this is long overdue, but as far as I'm aware, Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert both had unit limits, although this was admittedly set high enough that nobody would've been likely to produce that many units.
  5. Out of interest, doe this have support for CD installs of the C&C games? My own current Internet access has a rather limited allowance, so downloading a full no-cd install of them would essentially wipe out most of my online capabilities for the month. (Of course, if there's any reliable NoCD patches out there that work for the CD installations feel free to point them my way...)
  6. Better safe than sorry though...
  7. True, but at that time my account had held zero posts, which was the other criteria...
  8. Well, I signed up a little while back, and aside from a single post on the "Account pruning" topic, I've not posted here yet, so I may as well introduce myself. I'm known online as "Gunbladelad". If anyone recogises that, then it's because I did some stuff on GameFAQs for the C&C series (among other games), and supplied some information (specifically the FMV scripts for C&C Red Alert : Retaliation on the PS1) for a guy who did a C&C Red Alert timeline for Planet C&C on Gamespy back in 2003. I've been a fan of the C&C games since I first played a demo on a friend's Playstation magazine demo disc away back before the Playstation release (I even recall the demo being of GDI mission 3 and working out how to beat the mission when my friend couldn't work it out). While I've not played against other people on any of the C&C games for a substantial time, I'm still pretty active with the small core group on the C&C Retaliation message board over at GameFAQs.
  9. I'm guessing my account was too recent for pruning. Haven't been active outside playing the PS1 C&C games (and campaigns / Skirmish on PC) that I'm hopelessly outdated.
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