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  1. Formerly it was possible to limit the editor RAED, but now this options (MaxBuilding, MaxUnit, MaxInfantry, MaxVessel) are bloqued. Imagine that someone blocked them because no effect. But what happens with maximus teamtypes and triggers? I would like to increase them in my maps. How would it be possible?
  2. It is fantastic!!! This would be possible???: Waypoints or celltrigers that increases (or decreases) a percentage of the armor. (for exemple for rough terrain, forest...) The same for the range of the weapons. (eg, hills) Increase the amount of "Global set / clear" because (I believe) the limit is 32. I need more for my mod! Other cuestion: Totally passable trees?
  3. I have no experience. Could you help me? I would also make a new infantry unit that I have not seen in any mod. In ARDA is possible to put turret in "ants"?
  4. Of course, so was the question. Then, you add the extra frames? Is a good unit! Hablas español?
  5. this unit can load (and unload!) infantry?
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