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  1. I've gotten this error a lot as well. @Grant @dkeeton
  2. You can keep the threat level changes as well, the Brutal Ai option when hosting a game is actually controlled by a ini file in the game directory, so you can edit that. Though keep in mind that it only accepts rulesmd.ini edits as far as I know and you can't play other hosts who have brutal AI turned on, as your file will differ from theirs. Just include the threat level edits and others of the like.
  3. I noticed the Ai made two refineries at start this time which slows down the speed at which it makes a factory and thus units from it, speeding up how fast the Ai get's a factory will make a big difference. Other than that it's the unit composition you should work on. If the Ai makes kirovs and gets ready to attack with them, it should follow up with some terror drones aimed at anti-air units. Stuff like that which makes the Ai harder more annoying to deal with.
  4. I tried to test your mod and the Ai was slightly better, using more teams to defend and building more factories, though the Ai is slow and open to rushes. I'm not sure if that's what it's supposed to do, but I copied your files and ran the original YR executable as mods are normally used. So far it was only slightly more challenging.
  5. I don't think any of them are unjustified, just that by past discussions I've seen that the staff prefers their game balance vanilla. Say we had a CompStomp game mode and when players come from the competitive scene (yeah some will) they expect to need to cntrl+shift (attack move) their apocs, however in your mode they can just move them like rhinos. If you can make the ai "cheat" and make them work the same way then that would be preferred as it would leave the player side of the game intact.
  6. This mod changes game balance though, so it's not the same as vanilla YR.
  7. Nah, never encountered it, I know some things that can be abused in game to cause recons, but I'm 99% sure this is not one. I preferred building a wall maze in the opponent's base and have everyone in a FFA start blaming each other of cheats while I laughed my ass off.
  8. So you have many trainers? The next time you recon I will know why.
  9. @Marsh @heldro @scalpem @DoDger When?
  10. RA2 is a 2.5D game according tonthe wiki. The units are 3D voxel models yes. I've made a few custom ones around 2005.
  11. It's easier with the map editor because it tells you what does what, so there's no guesswork or a need to consult the community/wiki. Once you have triggers and scripts set up the way you want them you can always copy them from the map file or learn what does what from the editor descriptions.
  12. I thought you made those changes through Ai. The map editor has a more advanced Ai editor, I don't understand how you can truly edit the Ai without it, seeing as you can't make scripts that easily in a text editor, you'd need to know all the numbers for corresponding actions, events, triggers, etc...
  13. How did you make these changes? I've done some Ai editing in the past and was thinking about making a pro Ai for cncnet so it could be used for a few game modes. To get the best Ai you will need to edit maps and make Ai use waypoints to tank split and use alternating attack routes, even move their mcv to establish new bases, etc... Ai needs to be map specific.
  14. @Grant Unstick this please and replace with Jason's thread.
  15. CS & Dune Patrol in AvS 1v1 are unbalanced, in Dune Patrol Soviets will easily roll over any Allied player.
  16. I'm not putting any more time into the map, besides making balance changes as needed.
  17. If an Allied player builds a few prism towers in the same locations the Soviet player will have a hard time, while Allied players have the chance to abuse their naval advantage if a Soviet player decides to camp.
  18. Very nice thread, thanks for the tutorial.
  19. I'm back home now, so any day is okay really, I'd usually play anywhere around 16:00 - 23:00 GMT. However, don't expect me to wait for 30min-2h in the lobby for someone's m8 to show up.
  20. RaVaGe

    Error message

    What kind of a graphics card do you have? Can you post system specifications?
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