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  1. QM Not Work

    you can always count on the chinese to take laming to the next level
  2. League Champions for March 2018!

    Congrats, deserved winners for yr. Lets hope the yr ladder can keep up this momentum.
  3. true but i just feel like the check box is a much much better solution. dont see any downsides.
  4. not really alot of votes either, besides what about the check box system to disable engi eat? the reason ppl want to see names is simply because they think it will result in less lames. a problem which is even better tackled by the check box system.
  5. The "Who is...." topic.

    lol jason stop telling everyone i veto all possible soviet maps you are the reason people keep making this shit up, heard this shit like 5 times allready. like i said i only veto'd hidden valley and dune patrol. if you still dont believe me after i told u 10 times just take a look at my games please. besides i just checked and we only played around 20 times and they surely were not almost all allied maps lol. i agree to remove veto as i allready said before in the ladder tester forum.
  6. The "Who is...." topic.

    ye 9 out of 10 go check for urself and prove me wrong. ur rather easy which is fine but it makes u look like a proper retard when you start talking trash out of nowhere every game. i only veto'd hidden valley and dune patrol. stop talking trash while hiding ur name or stop responding coward. i know im gonna stop replying to you before you drag me down to your level.
  7. The "Who is...." topic.

    who is xquickx. this guy is so emotional keeps trashtalking me how much i suck etc and how he 100-0 me while he loses 9 out of 10 games lol.
  8. ye thats important indeed, but i imagine it should not be so hard to display if engi eat is on or off together with the map preview? you might be right about yuri taking away a big weakness of him, and either way yuri players would enable no eat since they dont have dogs anyway. so maybe it would be an idea to just disable this option to the yuri faction? about dog not being able anymore to eat an engi trying to reach for your building. that might be true but be honest, how many times does a dog actually save one of your buildings from being taken by an engineer. it virtually never happens, everything can counter a engineer. and for the 1 in a 1000 games this might occur there are a 1000 games where there was no eat involved ,sounds pretty good too me. you can even have an option to enable multi engineer if you ask me. the great thing about this is that it doesnt impose anything to anyone. if you think its a bad idea or you like to engi eat/engi you simply dont enable the option. but if you both agree not to eat/engi you can agree without being affraid u will get screwed over. i dont see how u could vote against this idea since it would simply mean you dont agree how 2 other players choose to play against eachother lol. you could even add a option to have 100k starting credits. i wont enable it so it wouldent bother me.
  9. xme-vandaag om 01:44 maybe we can have a check box so that if both players agree to disable engi-eat then it can be off for that game
  10. i really dunno, i kinda like it but i dont like the laming.
  11. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Ye ofc my point is kinda exaggerated and i know there is ways to dodge the IC but either way its probably not gonna be good for u.
  12. QM issues

    thought this was fixed in last update.
  13. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    i agree with kireek. people should stop acting like allieds are untouchable when superweapons are off, you can use the same argument against soviets with sw. once the ic is up you have like 2 minutes to make something happen before ic is ready. if you dont succeed and you are lucky the ic dident totally destroy you the first time you have 2 more minutes before you will get run over by ic again. ; soviets have the advantage early game sw on or off. but with sw on they have the advantage early and late game. i elaborated how i feel about this is a previous topic: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7405-is-allied-vs-soviet-balanced/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-58243
  14. Most underrated Player

    CekaJ. working hard on learning the game.