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  1. heldro

    RA2 issue with score screen and minimizing

    Thanks. It was set at default. Changed it to something i dont remember. Fixed all issues except the scorescreen which still has the same issue but only for ranked games.
  2. heldro

    Lets talk about noobs

    they should tho, these noobs need to get enlightened.
  3. heldro

    Lets talk about noobs

    seems like it only became worse, 250 people online, but seems like not even 10% is playing official settings & maps. is there no way to turn the tides? seems like the group of decent players playing official settings is only around 50 - 100 people... really cant comprehend why people enjoy unlimited money & mod maps so much.
  4. When game ends and goes to score screen it just freezes there. i dont see scores, just the chrono legionaire, i need to force close the game. when minimizing the game and opening it again; 50% of the times i have this issue where the game seems to open but screen freezes on desktop screen so again i have to force close the game. dident really had these issues before, i recently reinstalled the game. im on win10. @RaVaGe seems to have the same problem.
  5. heldro

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Watch video's and play ranked games, DONT play mod maps and crates games.
  6. heldro

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    You suck aswell
  7. heldro

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    Max sucks tho
  8. heldro

    Destroy Battle Fortress + Guardian GIs?

    sure you can also just attack them with only tanks if you dont mind losing alot of them.
  9. heldro

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    ra2 mode is just ra2 for 98%, its fine. just a few minor details that are not fixed yet. frank is talking about things he "feels" are different. like flack doing more damage which i still dont believe in and has not been given any evidence for. all things aside i would rather play ra2 mode if thats what it takes to avoid yuri. it would split the community though.
  10. heldro

    Miss every one!

    i also miss hamid, great guy
  11. heldro

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    stop trolling
  12. heldro

    Best Battle Ever Recorded?

    zhas has not been online for some time now. but you might like this game where i played zhas in dune patrol which was also very close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63MMeuGhvHM&t=428s
  13. heldro

    Best Battle Ever Recorded?

    sure it was a gg. but soviet vs soviet on blood feud, couldent imagine anything more boring.
  14. heldro

    Worth the buy? People still playing?

    many people still playing, you can download ra2 and yr for free on the xwis forums. am i allowed to say that?
  15. dident work for me