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  1. What do you find "lags" Yuri's Revenge?

    heldro's laptop
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    so ye anytime i say ic is just too damn powerfull (on most maps) there will be sombody saying "but heldro everyone knows allieds are OP without supers!" sure if the game drags on too long and allieds build some bf, mirage and prism it will become hard for the soviet player. but you can use the same argument against soviets with sw. once the ic is up you have like 2 minutes to make something happen before ic is ready. if you dont succeed and you are lucky the ic dident totally destroy you the first time you have 2 more minutes before you will get run over by ic again. when playing larger (allied) maps its not that big of a problem as when you are playing a map that allready favors sov. chronosphere is usually not a good answer since it takes more time and money to build (nuclear plant is basicly free if you sell powerplants) and ofc the timer is faster. even if you get the chance to use your chrono how are you gonna use it to stop ic? chronoing prism tanks to kill buildings is easy to stop (force shield & deso's) and you will probably be outtanked pretty hard if you decided to build chronosphere and some prism tanks. "but heldro you can also chrono his rhinos in the water!" ye maybe you can chrono 6-9 rhino's if you get lucky and if there is water woop ti doo, thats not gonna help you when ic allready stormed over you 2 times. "but heldro allieds can make bf's and they destoy rhino's!" yes they are good but making a bf becomes pretty useless with superweapons on, by the time you have your bf ready and at your enemy base the ic will be ready and your bf cant run away anymore. "but heldro you can just go multiple warfactory's to counter the ic!" nop, it wont work very well either since grizzly allready builds slow to start with, you gonna need like 4/5 wf's and time to be able to finally outtank your opponent, but by the time you managed to do that, guess what; the ic is allready done a few times. then i hear people say: "but heldro just dont let the soviet get ic!" allieds are not really build to rush and kill the soviet early. soviets can easily hold off any early allied rush with deso's and flack cannons gl countering that before lab."but heldro just seal his ic/lab!!" desolator says no. "but heldro just kill the lab before he can build ic!" yes that is probably the best way to do it by planes or splits. the thing that just bothers me is that with sw the soviet player can just be passive and wait for his ic over and over while the allied player is forced to make something happen before ic will be ready and soviet can dictate the game. while it is the soviet faction who is made able to be agressive. if supers are off and allied decides to go for an "unbeatable" mirage prism bf combination the soviet player is actually capable to pressure and try to stop that early on in game, or go multiple warfactory's to counter that. like i said before it mostly depends on the map there are some maps where sw are balanced and some maps where it is actually needed for sov to break allied camp(death valley girl) there are even some maps where supers favor the allied player(artic circle, depth charge). but most maps allready favor sov and those map favor sov even more with sw. these are maps like: dune patrol, tour, tournament b, dry heat, hidden valley. this is all based on 1v1 allied vs sov. in team games supers are fine.
  3. General talk (RA2/YR related)

    sup v2, srry for infinite money cheat today. pls dont spread the evidence you collected, i dont have another serial code. heldro
  4. where is the ladder of yuri ?

    when the people are have the not can him have the win on the loose for the lower of the man in the soviet?
  5. General talk (RA2/YR related)

    did you know: martin aka frequenzy untill 2 days ago always thought that selling a ref gives you $1000.
  6. Helping a Fellow Command and Conquer Player Out.

    Stop trying to pursue our playerbase to join the darkside
  7. my official quit

    cya soon blazolas.
  8. [YR] Huge Landscape Map 1.3 (detailed 200x200)

    i tried to play it but when i select the map and people join my game it says its trying to upload it to the cncnet database then it says uploading failed. how does this work i have no idea.
  9. [YR] Huge Landscape Map 1.3 (detailed 200x200)

    changed the file extension from .ylm to .map and it worked.
  10. [YR] Huge Landscape Map 1.3 (detailed 200x200)

    Also could not find it, what is the map named ingame? Or do i need to restart pc frist? Dont think so right?
  11. [YR] Huge Landscape Map 1.3 (detailed 200x200)

    Thanks man, thought about playing this map yesterday. I put the mapfile in map>custom but I could not find it in the client. What I did wrong?
  12. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    There is an idea behind hurricane names, alphabetical order and respectively girls and boys names. But ye a better name would be something like death magnetron 3000, that would really encourage ppl to gtfo