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  1. heldro

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    stop trolling
  2. heldro

    Best Battle Ever Recorded?

    zhas has not been online for some time now. but you might like this game where i played zhas in dune patrol which was also very close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63MMeuGhvHM&t=428s
  3. heldro

    Best Battle Ever Recorded?

    sure it was a gg. but soviet vs soviet on blood feud, couldent imagine anything more boring.
  4. heldro

    Worth the buy? People still playing?

    many people still playing, you can download ra2 and yr for free on the xwis forums. am i allowed to say that?
  5. dident work for me
  6. heldro

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    Good pillbox placements
  7. heldro


    haha, jason would surely win me more then the other way around. but lets say he overestimated himself here 😛
  8. heldro

    Survival against ALT Laming ^^

    euhm, he was playing you in cncnet.. @kike, they fixed this i cncnet so that you cant block tanks from moving out of the warfactory if you alt it. but frequenzy was not alting, he just drove the miner over the front of the warfactory and pressed "s" to stop the miner as it was in front of the entrance.
  9. heldro

    The game to the last unit! heldro vs Zhasulan

    yeah i swear elite rhino is like the best unit in the game lol.
  10. heldro

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    was talking about them being bombed or unbombed
  11. heldro


    really sad, cant say anything about him personally but in terms of this game; he seemed really devoted and thus will be a big miss to this community. RIP Jason.
  12. heldro

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    if you going to do this pls also test ivan&terrorist in ifv, bombed and unbombed. i think @FReQuEnZy once claimed bombed ivan/terrorist ifv does more damage as unbombed ivan/terrorist ifv, but i dont believe that.
  13. heldro

    The game to the last unit! heldro vs Zhasulan

    fucking elite 😛
  14. heldro

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    you getting alot of views
  15. heldro

    League Champions for April 2018!

    congrats latof and marsh.