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  1. There should be a way to trigger a full map reveal from a map trigger using the map editor, seeing as some missions do it.
  2. Like @FlyingMustache said it goes against the spirit of RTS, the general idea is to come up with the best strategy/tactic that gives you the upper hand. We all play to win not to lose while taking part in some minority's vision of a GG.
  3. I don't mind, better you than some scrub who can't stop an engi.
  4. They must leave some sort of opening you can abuse while they are doing that.
  5. @Ontopic If the map is so poorly balanced that it allows such tactics then you shouldn't play it, personally I've never liked it for it's meta, 2 spots always need to move mcv, rest of the game is just camp with supers. It feels like playing against Yuri there's just so many boring annoyances about it, the little base walk, sentry fight mid, the horrendously long camp as everyone spent all their money on supers and has no army. I would say my pet peeve would be in-game balances, for example, where on offence defence most sovs can spam only factories, while any tech/supers build is completely ruled out. Where soviets have a massive rush potential on small maps, yet can be seriously underpowered in the late game. The meta game doesn't seem to have an even enough balance to make it easier to keep all sides from teching fast, sometimes it can be way too easy to camp in the middle game to reach supers fast which makes the game kinda dull for me. I'd prefer consistent action throughout.
  6. $500? So that engi is going to walk itself across the map into your building holding that $500 cash and just bribe your building to slither itself into your currently least favourite colour? You need to spend $600 on a transport to make it at least somewhat effective, once you see it, the opponent has to evade drones, dogs, war miners, sentry guns and deso to find itself close enough to your buildings to spray all those $500 dollars all over your structure in comic relief.
  7. All the scrubs who can't take me, gathered to flame me. xD
  8. Would he rematch me in Yuri's Revenge? If I picked Soviets he would have just droned my miners all game.
  9. What is crazy is that you guys can't differentiate between a custom and official map, when the preview is different and the map has to transfer, which shows a transfer notice in chat.
  10. Homosexual abuse of sovs. Hated those games.
  11. @Grant ProduceCashStartup is tag from rules.ini which applies to buildings that generate income when they are captured, like the oil derrick giving you $1000 dollars on capture by default. There's no easy way to determine if a map provides an unfair advantage to just one player or makes the modifications available to all. The only way would be to mark maps that contain ini modifications and to notify the player that they are playing a 'mod' map.
  12. To win, because you've lost the last 100 games before it! xD
  13. @Grant is anyone working on this?
  14. I haven't changed the maps in the last 4 days, so you must be deluded.
  15. Ok, here we go with your drama bs again. Then suggest what kind of maps are more varied, your 'suggestion' is not very clear. If you meant that we should have a larger map pool then we've had plenty of discussions regarding that number in the testers forums. Sorry, I forgot to screenshot all the oldskoolers and casual players who wanted to QM on xwis again, but were put down by the insane amount of maps in QM. It's evident in the way Blizzard sets up SC2's QM, if you want to take a look. What evidence supports your suggestion? Seeing their favourite map on the list won't help them endure losing and learning on 20+ others. Besides we got the most popular map, Tour of Egypt in QM... Really? Elitists don't normally like Urban Rush, Little Big Bay, Golden State Fwy, Dustbowl. Haven't seen many hosted games on them before QM. Maps were chosen on balance, seeing as you're a tester you can easily read the whole discussion in the tester's section, stating what you are, here now, is kinda weird... This thread was made mainly to get the opinion of players who don't have tester status, so if you felt so strongly about this, why didn't you voice your opinions sooner? Not saying you can't do it now, but I'm just curious why you didn't take part in the process before when were laying the groundwork for future map pool updates. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7512-map-list/?page=1 Go read the thread, it's full of useful discussion and how we're all finding common ground on developing the map pool further. (by not wanting to waste my time was that I really can't be bothered to type these kinds of explanatory posts to people who can't even read the original thread before posting, let alone take part in giving feedback as a tester, half of the people have already gone way off topic.)
  16. There are only 2 maps that appear twice on the list. Coldest peak, when playing as Allied. Unrepentant, when playing as Yuri. Which will hopefully be fixed in future versions by displaying multiple scenarios on the same map as a single map on client side. @dkeeton @Gun_Man I know you play mostly Soviet so you don't see any map twice. Which makes me wonder where you're getting your multiple rejections on the same map from. No offence but I've got better things to do with my time rather than think of a way to explain something that should be clear as day to any logical individual. Would take me 10 minutes to explain everything only to have 2-3 people actually reading it properly and replying to the points. I already spent more hours than I wanted to discuss the map pool and point system. If you can post something well thought out as a reason as to why we should do something then you will get an appropriate reply, until then keep suggesting without reasonable logical explanations and complaining about our conversation etiquette.
  17. There are no multiple versions of the same map, it's the way the system works to set up maps per side. At the moment dune patrol is set to be available in ... Soviet vs Soviet Soviet vs Yuri Yuri vs Yuri Allied vs Allied
  18. Too bad Luci clearly can't read the list properly and figure out that he won't be playing all those maps unless he's random.
  19. Some of these elitists still played mod maps with noobs and other pros to have some fun, so don't think that we don't see the possibilities or what this kind of changes would result in. It's just the fact that competitive scene should be geared towards competition, sure we could have a "surprise me" mode in QM that mixes these things up, just for the sake of fun. Of course separately from the 1v1 ranked. The ranked scene should have concrete rules and settings, the only variable should be player skills and ability. Which is why we have worked so hard over the recent month to try and balance the QM map pool and point system to reflect that, the hardest part was to make the map pool offer an interesting mix of maps that would provide a dynamic experience.
  20. It's still very homosexual, either I rush hard and completely overpower Yuri or I make a mistake and it's all over.
  21. RaVaGe

    file size

    Then don't post/share links to pirate sites
  22. He doesn't bail me, must be because you play Yuri. I gotta say, even with these so called 'even' maps that prep and zigzag proposed, I'd still prefer to bail Yuri.
  23. I've never supported random supers even when playing Allied and never will, there's plenty of meta game before the IC takes the victory. Allied are supposed to be played aggressively, not as defensively as the current norm seems to be. Multi engi on? Maybe for the contenders league, but not masters.
  24. RaVaGe

    qm map pool

    Against each other on a Chinese server, sure. Against you in Holland, unlikely, even with the best connection on both sides there would be lag caused by the physical effects of the distance. Due to the fact that the electrical or laser signal (in the case of fibre optics) would have to travel 7482km (from Holland to China). Also, can you stop asking this exact same question every year? Wrong topic for maps feedback.
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