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  1. So I recently downloaded RA again from Iran's website, the full game package and I can't make it work. The problem is when I launch RA, it won't launch. It just sits in background processes using up the CPU which frankly is crap. If i try to launch it with the launcher (skirmish) then i get a message - game files not found.. WTF? I've tried compatibility settings, running as admin, a lot of stuff but it still won't work. Also a fresh re-install, using default settings - no luck. Any tips to get this working?
  2. There's some sort of trigger named 'hlp' near the mammoths. From what I've seen, apparently, if a civilian crosses it the mammoths will head east. I got this from RC1985's speedrun of it.
  3. I have always wondered about the Cloak and Dagger mission, if Westwood actually wanted you to build inside the GDI base and win the mission that way. It just seemed off to me somehow, considering how the map is structured. There's a big build area for you in the middle, Tiberium fields on 2 sides and no enemy units there. Also, there's a production trigger on the entrance to the GDI base, which the stealth tank doesn't trigger but the MCV does if you move it out. I tried building my base in the middle and I got destroyed when I got attacked by mammoths and all that good stuff. So, my question is this. Has anyone ever beat the Cloak and Dagger mission "conventionally"? AKA, take the GDI head on?
  4. You could do some sort of control points mode, 3 or 5 points scattered across the map you must take and hold, gaining, say, 1 point for your team every 5 seconds you hold one, and the first to 200 or 300 points or whatever, really, wins. Also, an attrition gamemode: you get a select number of attrition points, and you have to destroy the enemy with the points you are given, but here's the twist. Whatever you use costs a certain amount of attrition points, so if you die then you lose these points, so a rifleman might cost just a few attrition points while a mammoth tank costs dozens so you must use what you have wisely.
  5. My honest opinion, the Japanese construction yard is a little empty on the left side, maybe a few fans, boxes, or whatever would do.
  6. Easy mode tags could be good. I'm at the point in Teslacopter where I went to the island with the radar dome. If that invisible Einstein wasn't there... Oh, what would I do. Turns out that soon enough you just need to get on to an island or Soviets spam infantry at you. Damn flame troopers.
  7. I redownloaded and played this... and it needs some serious difficulty balancing. The missions are either way too hard or way too annoying. For 04 Teslacopter I had to reload at least a few dozen times and I still have not beaten it. If I can barely beat the first mission and can't beat the second... There's an issue.
  8. Well, rocket launchers are pretty inaccurate. I wish they could be built with a comm. center... It's annoying not having them.
  9. I'd be a bit interested. I suck at map making (kinda) but I can try and make a concept.
  10. Except airfields. And flamethrower vs rocket launcher, guess who wins that one.
  11. I rushed an APC group into their base, took control of their con yard, and then chipped away at their base. Sold their airfield and Hand of Nod so they stopped making DAMN FLAMERS. I never really tried 8B, maybe that's a good thing. Rocket Launcher is underpowered, I noticed that in 8A.
  12. I feel that you should add a crossed sword icon or a shield and sword for the Navy Seal in the top right corner. Or maybe a skull.
  13. I rushed it like Nyerguds friend (I think it's Christo161). Attacked main base from the right, sold con yard, and captured Nod con yard. Everything fell into place once I did that.
  14. I beat all of them. The one where you had no money as GDI and the one where you captured the GDI base was kind of hard, but I did it unorthodox-style.
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