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  1. Think you may have just undermined your training credentials there... 😛 (See other thread.)
  2. Hahaha. I don't think I've ever seen that video before. Says it all really 😛 Many years ago now, after spending ages trying to get him to play me, I finally got him into a game on FF, this is what happened.... The game crashed a few minutes later.
  3. Thanks Amokk. If you're going to do that, then I would perhaps link to the WP site, rather than my own website -- just in case the link changes etc. If anyone has any content they'd like to submit for the blogsite, do please send it my way
  4. That's funny... you appear in a post from 2014: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/player-spotlight-wuss/
  5. Well, it's not really a guide for 'pros'. The idea was to improve those early starters who get completely swamped when they first start. The sorts of players who spam cyborgs, or who don't know how to manage their economy, or wonder why their partners get annoyed at them for doing silly things. If there are genuinely still new players coming into the game, then I will keep it up. I just figured that after 20+ years it might seem a bit pointless 😛 [Out of interest, does nodrescue still play?]
  6. So, the TS blog I set up in 2013 is on the verge of 100,000 pageviews. I haven't touched it in many years now, but I've kept it open as a way to help people find cncnet and xwis (back when TS on xwis was 'a thing'). History Back in 2006/7, I went to university and wasn't able to play TS while living in halls. As the game was on a notable decline, I decided to spend my time writing a player guide to help new players get into the game. I remember getting quite a bit of flack for writing it back then from the typical TS trolls (name no names), but persisted nonetheless, and made an updated version in 2013, which I turned into a pdf that you can download from my website. To make the content more accessible to a wider number of players, I also put the content into a blog site, which is the same site still available today: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/ Where next? I did go back to the site briefly a few years back to publish a few 'spotlight' posts, and add some info on Forest Fires to help players I met in-game. However, I didn't get much in the way of feedback from anyone (other than Wuss and Trz) so left it again. However, I'm now 35 years old and I haven't played TS in many years. I don't even do PC gaming anymore. As such, I figure I might just delete it and let the whole thing die. What do you think? Is it still worth keeping? Does *anyone* new play TS these days?
  7. Daz! Hello there. What you still doing lurking about this place? 😛 How are things my friend?
  8. I agree. I mean, I played Dawn of War 2 competitively for several years, and the whole approach to balance and counters was so much more effective. At least if you were in a stacked game you always felt you had a chance with skill and ingenuity to do something. I know this sounds a bit weird but the fact gdi are op is one of the main reasons I stopped playing with them... especially as the imba is so much more pronounced on TS compared to FS which is where I was at my competitive prime.
  9. Hate to break this to you Mola, but some of us have known this for over 20 years 😛 Honestly though, the imbalance in this game is one of the main reasons I just couldn't be asked with it anymore. It's just silly how imbalanced it is trying to defend vs GDI when one bomber kills most of your defense.
  10. Oh my goodness me, this is so sad! I have to say I have really fond memories playing with Mike. The guy was just FUN: something so few players on TS are, and he also had a fair bit of talent too. I still have such good memories of playing with Mike, and just his general banter and humour, and the great fun we had playing on FF, back when you could have a great laugh playing a competitive 4v4 with elite players who also knew how to have a laugh as well. So sad as well to think that both Mammy and FakeMammy are no longer with us. And both at such a young age too! Does anyone know what happened to him? How did you find out? P.S. I absolutely loved his caps rapping. It was so stupid and silly, and I loved to take him on in a semi-ironic kind of way. Just a great laugh. Gosh I miss those days
  11. You've clearly been reading my TS guide, which is now something like 13 years old: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/getting-started/
  12. Mole40k


    Alright Matt! Hope you're keeping well 😊
  13. Honestly, I don't really think the 'original intention' of the developers is a valid argument, as the online gaming community has changed just so much in the last 20 years. Better really to ask what it is you want from a competitive online environment. I think it's fair to say that most players now agree that TS in its original form is not what you'd come to expect from a fair and balanced online game (at least not for 'competitive' tournaments). I mean, this is one of the reasons I rarely ever played 1v1s in my time on TS. It was so obvious how imbalanced the game is, it wasn't really worth my time, except for fun games. And this is something I realised maybe back in 2000 -- over 20 years ago! I'm glad to see people are finally coming around to this, even if it has taken the best part of two decades 😕.
  14. Ok, perhaps it's time for a different perspective... What is the purpose of the ladder? Why should anyone play on the ladder? What should a player on the ladder expect, in terms of a fair and competitive environment?
  15. I see what you did there 😛. Funnily enough, Pinball is one of the very few TS players I've met in real life! I actually went to his 21st birthday. And to think we're now in our 30s...
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