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Everything posted by cRazY_JoE

  1. Give out Command and Conquer condoms to people on the street. Duh.
  2. Plz UnBaNN mE . pRetTy pLeASE?
  3. You know, I'v heard that CatBomb guy is the best RA1 player in the world/
  4. I don't actually know why I was banned. I didn't really get a warning prior to it, nor would I have acted out if I did because I remember almost starting a game then I was banned. I mean I have gotten warnings in the lobby from like months ago, but normally when I do get them I stop. But I would like to know when my ban will come off?
  5. Chem is a very nice person, I don't understand why you're so mean to him.
  6. The real question is, what was the worst offence I did.
  7. b0ss gimmie teh list of teh bad words tat get me bannned b0ss please gimmie it please
  8. he lives at my grandparents lol , he rarley comes here to play
  9. i still dont know why i was banned the issuie is with my brother.
  10. also am pretty sure people say alot worse then my brother in chat and am certain most people on this thread see it
  11. um , am not my brother so unban me please
  12. help me am banned I wont be asshole no more
  13. My dear brother, are they mistaking your words of meaningful poetry for arrogance again?
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