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  1. Lol, my MelonHK server was on your guys screenshot. I'm using VPS from Azure platform which gives incredible low Ping (normally 20-70 from China, 140 from AU) and relatively stable connection between players from China and rest of the world. Best of all, Chinese players don't need any VPN to play on servers from Azure VPS. Sadly the platform is quite expensive if running 24/7. I'd like to see more HK servers showing up on the list, it's a good place for Chinese players to link up with rest of the world.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I finally get an answer this time, XD
  3. I have a tunnel server on my VPS server. It will show up on the list if I don't set the password. I prefer it to be password protected but I don't know how to connect to it. Is there any way to connet to it through cncnet client?
  4. There is a option for password when starting cncnet tunnel server. if I put a password, the server won't show up in server menu in cncnet hub, but without password it will show up. Does anyone know how to access a password protected server?
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