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  1. I might start playing again. Time zone is CST
  2. Welcome to the community.
  3. There are some pretty easy prizes to be won right away on the first day of the month too! To launch the prize invasion 2 prizes will be awarded on the opening day. These will be awarded to: The player who plays the most non-ranked games (ffg's) within 24 hours of Midnight (GMT) tonight (on a single nickname) The player who plays the most single player ranked games within 24 hours of the ladder reset tonight (on a single nickname) These prizes are in addition to the prize categories already listed.
  4. Hey, I'm a well respected top player on Ra2 and tried to play Ra1 for about 1.5 hours before deciding it's not worth it after getting cussed out by about half a dozen players. Just saying, No one new will ever play ra1 with these kinds of attitudes.
  5. that would be awesome, we only have tutorials for ra1 yet and could need a few for the other games I'm a top RA2 player with both soviets and allieds and can do text-based strategy, but not very good at video editing and stuff. got them
  6. Depends on the map for YR, but yah YR has some imbalances. That being said.... allied is much better on YR than on Ra2, but soviets are still a very very very strong faction for two overpowered reasons: 1. desolator 2. iron curtain
  7. I also don't think ANYTHING other than glitch fixes should be default changes unless it's overwhelmingly apparent that 99% of the community wants a change.
  8. Will the multiplayer version from XWIS work?
  9. Your reply confused me. Do I need to install my CD version of YR or not?
  10. Hello, Guide to getting started on YR cncnet? Thanks
  11. Hello, Some know me, but first post here.
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