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  1. Wtf? What happened? Damn, this sucks i randomly swung by the forums to see whats happening. Mike was one of the first WWers that i started playing with, shit its weird to think that this was over 12 years ago. What a guy, i never had any issues with him, was always a top dude
  2. eatme, the nickname of the TS goat.
  3. ayyyy covid got me wanting to get back online, soon as im home from Thailand I gotta quarantine for 2 weeks so ima be smashing out some TS
  4. is it doable I only see full game for Mac =(
  5. yeah coz people want to play in a competition where you can pretty much pick the final 3-4 before it even starts you fucking helmet. 2v2 takes skill aswel but you can make the skill on each team a similar average level. Thick cunt. Mechaseal fuck off you soppy cunt guarantee nobody sent you fuck all you look like something from mars attacks you little creature not one person on earth likes you that includes your mother.
  6. id come back to play in it, but i think the fairest way to do it is 2v2. the experience of some players makes 1v1 to easy but in a 2v2 anything can happen with balanced teams
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNsPI6V4Iec Very loud and on decent speakers.
  8. Both sets of maps require different skill sets, your dividing the community regardless if you dont allow them modders wont compete on the ladder and things wont change, allowing them on the ladder alows both communities to integrate as WW players are happy toplay mods, well most are... theres no reason not to allow them they are maps just like WW maps they are just different, take BBG for example or blast from the past, WW players love these maps and id love a clanner on blast from the past or something. nobodies forcing you into a visc game if modders wanna play a visc on the ladder let them, you needa certain kinda skill for a visc game still.
  9. Dont unerstand why anyone says no mod maps, that rules the modders out of having fun and competing in the ladder, you dont get forced to play a mod map so if you dont like mods just leave the game and play a WW player... As the warning on XWIS stated you play mods at your own risk no need to outlaw them just dont be a moron.
  10. Why is your name stefor you fucking helmet
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