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  1. SaintZ


    Yeah mate there are enough old players that still play daily. When did you start playing?
  2. Thank you C0rpsmakr, I see what you mean now I got stomped by good players a couple of games. I was completely defenseless against inf rushes, and I wasnt able to keep up with my opponents economy. It can be good like you said as a gimmick against people who are unprepared for it. But it cant be used every game.
  3. SaintZ

    "Useless" units

    Very situationally.. And only early to midgame when I have to suicide scout or to kill inf rushes.
  4. SaintZ

    "Useless" units

    I feel like every unit has its place, be it small or massive. For Nod I (almost) never use: Cyborgs (too cost ineffective) , Buggies (max 1 on rare occasions for early scouting), TT's (outclassed by Titans & less useful + cost ineffective than rocket inf and attack cycles), and Stealth Tanks (Too expensive, only useful for harv killing and surprise attacks if opponent has no MSA). For GDI I (almost) never use: Wolverines (same reason as Nod buggies), Hover MLRS (paper armor, too expensive, underwhelming attack power),
  5. Apart from practicing it to finish games quickly I practice it to improve attack and building speed. What 'necessary skills' are you refering to?
  6. Huge thanks for taking your time to make this! I feel like I've learned a great deal from your video. Guess i'll be practicing scouting and anti-scouting off and on in the coming week or two.
  7. I find this very interesting, particularly hiding spots for scouts. It never crossed my mind, but it makes perfect sense. Also is there a 'best pathing' for maps such as Terrace & FF? It's hard to direct your troops accurately to certain spots in the map before you've firstly revealed terrain. Usually when scouting I send infantry to all 4 corners, while I Q rally the rest of my infantry to 'random' spots on the map and scout with them from there on.Most of the time ive scouted the entire map in the first few minutes, but I'm wondering if there are any quicker methods?
  8. Yeah I definately agree with what you said regarding scouting and anti-scouting. Both are very important skills that can, and will make or break your game. Once you've been scouted you're open for incoming attacks. But if you're good at both scouting and anti-scouting, your opponent will most likely have lost the game by the time he has suicided itself with a fly over OF/Harpy.
  9. I've been practicing 1 ref and 2 ref strategies with the idea to finish my opponent before he has a chance to attack. So far I've had a lot of succes with it. I'm not bothered with the opinions of others in the sense they are just like belly buttons; Everyone has one. It just got me curious after this funny incident post match. I'm not used to people getting overly salty and hate fuelled after losing a video game. Thanks for the headsup! Now I know what to look out for.
  10. So I played a 1v1 Terrace match the other day where I went for a 1 ref rush as Nod. I won the game in sub 4 mins, however I received a lot of hate from my opponent afterwards. Though the amount of salt was very funny, I am curious to know whether 1 ref'ing is something that is frowned upon by the TS community, since I am still new to this whole TS online community.
  11. Ooh thanks for the discord links! I didnt know there was a Tiberian Sun discord server too! I'll ask C0rpsmakr for help whenever I see him! Cheers!
  12. Thanks! I have watched quite a few video's on youtube this week, and managed to snag a few golden nuggets from them. I've also spectated a few live Terrace games, but when the "pro players" play I get instantly kicked/banned. It's a real shame because I want to know what they do differently, and what sets them apart from other players. The aspects that I am particularly interested in are: Harvester & Money management; Particularly after the 10 minute mark. Unit & Micro control; How to effectively control multiple units at the same time. Decision making/Game approach; How do they approach every game? What decisions do they make and why? Ideal hotkey setup
  13. I have been playing TS for 18 years, and I've only gotten into Online games since last week. So far I am doing pretty well and it has been a real eye-opening experience. Though I want to step up my game and want to learn new strategies and tricks to become a better player. Is there any experienced or skilled player out there who is willing to mentor/coach me?
  14. SaintZ

    News from EA.

    A remaster of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun would be amazing!
  15. Hey whats up everyone! My name is SaintZ. I was scrolling through Youtube videos on my work break when I stumbled upon the C&CNet channel by accident. I am thrilled to have found an active C&C community after all these years. I've been playing C&C Tiberian Sun for close to 19 years now. Throughout the years I kept my original game on an old USB-stick that I still have to this day. Amazingly I have never played an online game of Tiberian Sun before, but I am eager to give it a try! It's a pleasure to meet you all!
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