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  1. No dude, stopped playing after jelly closed down non00bs was the bomb lol Haha TS died that day, Long life WSE Mind you, we aren’t the only one they did it. FSPHANTOM, Wealldie6 or 7 along with i3igi3ang did it too. Oh boy how I loved to steal i3igi3ang logins and stole all his clan points haha cncnet is running as fine.
  2. I am an old FS player I owned the clan -Mode- Team Mode with Nautica.
  3. I am still around, Sunflight is a she, I was still in touch with Sherry up to her death.
  4. Lurker

    I'm back

    start run type msconfig and click on start up tab and disable everything then reboot. see if that helps.
  5. They cant stop old patterns like posting screenshots. its part of the game to them to do this stupid shit its in their dna. lol, good one
  6. Thought mapping doesnt work on TS? Thus no need for a SS?
  7. Just use Norton it's the best, It fills up your PC with useless shit and lags your PC so bad! Best AV ever
  8. Hi, I just came back to a laptop, Went on Xwis it was empty so came on cncnet and seen alot of TS players there, I must say WOW i am very impressed with what i have seen so far, Keep it up. Just a question I have clicked on the TS tab to show TS players icon but can I just remove the players that plays RA2/Yuri etc etc just to show only TS players to reduce the list of names. Thanks Really Really Really goodwork by whoever is doing this, I will get to know who eventually but whoever did this, Very impressed from a FS Legend!!! great to see alot of players playing! As far I can see that cncnet runs on donations, Maybe I ask how much a month? and what else does the money pays? I might be able to help out
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