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  1. I would see: 1 - Same gameplay (some balance units and builds are needed) 2 - UI interface - more social interation, keep in mind the chat into the game is too old. messenger must show in the center (like blizzard chat) 3 - Entire compatibility (moderns system - alt tab), pause and unpause gaming. 4 - Support community with new revamp balance and keeping game alive. (like starcraft 2 and other MOBA games)
  2. I got a other different doesn't list: Conscripts and GI will be promoted (veteran and elite) into the buildings when they've killed the enemy units.
  3. try this version: Fix all issues about windows 10 <link removed>
  4. 1 more feature: Ra2 gameplay conscript/GI into the building dont promote to veteran nor elite status only yuri version. It is happen in ra2 mode. please check it.
  5. I found another issue too. We dont select all structure using T and indicate all those to the same point. Example. click on one w.f select it and click T and press left click from mouse and allow the "new line point" for all structures.
  6. This is a core idea! Thanks for clarify even more this feature.
  7. Hello, Do you have .NET framework 3.5 and 4 installed? Yes. All Net.framework installed. System: Windows XP service pack 3
  8. I suppose that we are talking on fair/friendly scenario, right? People who uses cheat, uses it wherever server.
  9. Hello cnc's staff, Is there possibility to add into option games to add a sort of random SW like a QM on xwis. It's should bring a great experience on gameplay especially 1x1 and also 2x2 matches.
  10. Anyone knows how about this error? Sorry (description error in portuguese language) cncnetclient.log
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