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  1. I want to make the gameplay a bit more fun for myself, but I do like to train veteran units instead of normal ones. Is there a way I can do this?
  2. I'd like to try them out. Links? In a rebalance, patch a really neat feature for the tesla tank would be if it powered tesla coils the same way tesla troopers do. However only 1 tesla tank is needed to power a tesla coil compare to the tesla troopers, which requires 2 of them to power it up. You can easily take down the tesla troopers that power up the tesla coil, but it would be harder to take out the tesla tank. I don't know how this will affect gameplay but it would be fun to see players testing it out. If RA2 was remade on a modern engine with the graphics of the cancelled C&C Generals 2, I would make the tesla tank have a battle mode and defensive mode. Activating between battle and defensive mode has 0.1 delay making the tesla tank vulnerable. The defensive mode would make them weak in combat, reducing their fire range and their movement speed but bolsters their armor with electromagnetic power and are able to power up tesla coils and makes the tesla coil more powerful compare to 2 tesla troopers powering it up. In battle mode though they cannot power up tesla coils and their armor is not as tough as in defensive mode, though their attack power, range and movement speed are increased. I would give Yuri a heavy tank inspired by the IS-4 tank and designed after it, but in Yuri style. Mounting gattling guns on the tank would make a formidable foe for both land and air units. Though the gattling guns are not as powerful as the guns of the gattling tank and gattling cannon as this would make the tank OP. I could go on talking. I just hope we get an unoffical patch for both SP and MP. This game deserves the most out of the C&C games, because this is the best RTS game after Starcraft. If not EA, maybe the community will remake the game the same way Crowbar Collective did with Half-Life one. I would gladly give money for support in order for this to happen. Unless EA bitchslaps with copyrights.
  3. I really like this rebalance patch especially since I play Yuri. But we need a big patch for both SP and MP that balances the Allies and Soviets too not just Yuri. Obviously this game was rushed despite being good as it is. E.g. while I really like the apocalypse tank and it's design and should be the most "powerful" tank, the prism tank is vastly superior compare to any existing tank in the game. A bunch of prism tanks can take on large number of units and vehicles and take a whole base down, unless the enemy has rocketeers or cosmonauts (who only exist in 1 mission in the game), even then I doubt there would anti air vehicles or units guarding the prism tanks. While the allies get all the cool stuff, the soviets are lacking in technology and don't have any fighting airplanes (which was addressed in RA3). I don't know what were they smoking when they were making the soviets. The soviets also have a "spy plane" but for some reason, the plane always gets spotted and taken down. I could be wrong on this one, but I always preferred the demolition trucks over the terrorists. I don't see them any useful and can be taken down easily. The tesla tanks also suck compare to their vastly allied superior prism tanks. The allied special stuff (airborne, tank destroyer, black eagle, grand cannon, sniper) is far better than the soviet. Yuri on the other hand has advanced tech, but less units compared to the soviets and allies and this is why he was made OP. And I'm glad this patch fixes it. The giant squids should've belonged to Yuri since this is his tech. I guess they didn't know with what ocean animal to replace the giant squid so they left it to the soviets. Yuri has no heavy tank and no anti air boat. A simple small boat with a gattling cannon on it similar to the scorpion would've been good. There has to be a big patch for both SP and MP that also rebalances the Allies and the Soviets.
  4. It won't let me drag and drop files, that's the problem that I first encountered. It won't even let me do anything when I right click, only six options are available. Opening the audiomd.mix and audio.mix won't let me drag and drop files.
  5. OK I extracted the audiomd.mix from langmd.mix, but how do I put in language.mix?
  6. I installed it. But it says "Open failed". Does that mean it doesn't load RA2? I was going to ask, but you said I shouldn't on how to do it. I'm only looking to use the YR voice and that's it, and not modding stuff. This should have been updated officially 18 years ago, but it never was. What a joke.
  7. That's why I asked. There has to be some program to extract them or some guide how to do it. You could have at least provided me with a direct link on ppmsite.
  8. Playing this game for more than 10 years, I never got to ask if it's possible to use the "new" voice lines from Yuri's Revenge into Red Alert 2. I mean the vehicle and navy voice lines. In Red Alert 2, all vehicles and navy use the same voice. E.g. the Soviet vehicles use the Rhino tank voice line, while the navy uses the Dreadnought voice line. So is it possible to change their voice lines into their Yuri version?
  9. I've been having problems with CnCnet ever since the new update. It would crash very often, and now when I wanted to launch it, it says that the program has stopped working. I don't know what really causes this problem, but it must be a bug with the new update. Should I reinstall the client?
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