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  1. I'm not concerned, the foolishness of internet urchins is bothersome, I don't want him bothering other people though.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/GFcBjEj.png bumped into a profoundly unhappy player. Not sure what to do?
  3. I set up 8 computers, mostly windows 10, to lan yuri's revenge. It had tons of errors getting games started. Lots of "waiting" players and crashing lobbies. Sometimes player's games wouldn't start when we hit go. I tried using a few different direct draw dlls, sometimes they helped (and prevented games from crashing if you went into windows) but sometimes they slowed down loading. I'm thinking of setting up a single computer with 8 windows xp virtual machines and trying to run like that, but I'm not sure how I'd get audio properly out or mouse / keyboard input in. It seems really complicated. Is there a way I could just do a LAN game from the cncnet client? I can't get it on gamesurge because gamesurge won't allow 8 connections from one ip.
  4. I've been able to get 4 players on, but definitely not 8.
  5. the text is definitely too small!! You can't resize the windows, so you can't see the full map preview. This is a major problem. Please don't lock windows size. Also, there is no lock game button. It's been labeled exit! - fixed y'all rock! (ps. thanks a ton!)
  6. Downloading right away! Excited to see what we've got in this epic pack.
  7. The lobbys are super laggy. Sometimes people hit go and it's 15 seconds before other people get the go message and start loading. Kick / lock are super laggy, and text sometimes takes 2 min to deliver. Not sure what's happening, but it's happening to a lot of people, not just me or my pcs
  8. I'd agree with renaming wsock32.dll to wsock32.dll.renamed or something. I use it a lot for lan parties.
  9. Thanks for all your hard work on this! I'm glad I could help fix this!
  10. Or even the ability to use saved random maps?
  11. puzzabug


    Alternatively, you can fight vs 7 brutal enemies with only 1 ore truck and only 1 refinery, no spies and no navy. If you get an extra truck, you gotta kill it. Turn on crates and super weapons and set 4 of the enemies to yuri. It's a blast!
  12. I was having this exact issue and I was able to fix it by copying the CNCMaps.Shared.dll from an old (8-12-2015) install into my new install. I have windows 10, which includes .net 4, so I don't think .net is the problem. I think it's missing that file which is the problem. Now my maps are all rendering! It's taking a few minutes, but hey - I can see them and see the start spots. Also, when rendering the maps, if you click on the map that's currently rendering, it crashes the game. Best to wait 10-15 minutes for them all to render.
  13. Updated / installed onto a fresh First Decade DVD install on my windows 10 computer. My map previews are showing up without start numbers or HD preview graphics. I'm getting the terribly small ingame loading screen minimap pixelated view. All the custom maps are still showing the pixelated view, but do have the player spots visible in their correct locations. Once or twice, I did see the proper HD views on all the maps, and starts, but the game never launched into the loading screen, it would just hang in windows on game tart. This works fine on my windows 10 laptop with the free origin install.
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