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  1. Roooo/nunName

    nonName Youtube Channel [Videos Topic]

    Playing old mission i made and put it on youtube. RM - The New Task Co-op Mission : Click here!
  2. It's getting really boring hearing Yuri's soundtrack over and over again. And there is no option for me to hear the Red alert 2 Soundtrack in-game unless i choose RA2 mode. Can you guys make the game have both the Red alert 2 and Yuri's instead of having to listen to RA2 Soundtrack by choosing Ra2 mode, If possible.
  3. Roooo/nunName

    X-Arena Tower Defense v4.57 Final version [Fixed] [MAP]

    Last update (Hopefully). Map updated to "X-Arena Tower Defense v4.53 Final version [Fixed] in hopes that the bug that causes the wave and the rest of the next waves to stop moving is fixed. Also i added 3 more images of map (i might remove them soon).
  4. Roooo/nunName

    X-Arena Tower Defense v4.57 Final version [Fixed] [MAP]

    Map updated to 4.53 Final version !
  5. Roooo/nunName

    nonName Youtube Channel [Videos Topic]

    New video! X-Arena Tower Defence : Click Here! This is an older version of the one that is on the forums.
  6. Roooo/nunName

    X-Arena Tower Defense v4.57 Final version [Fixed] [MAP]

    The gameplay link of this map on youtube is added to the main post!
  7. Roooo/nunName

    X-Arena Tower Defense v4.57 Final version [Fixed] [MAP]

    Map updated to v4.47 !
  8. And here it is! A Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Tower Defence RPG map that i made. Took a while to make :). Objective is simple! Defend Yuri's Command Center until you finish all the waves. There are 29 wave on this map consisting of land, air, special and bosses. I won't explain the map in detail, just play it and enjoy discovering new things. I'll include one image from the game and the preview of the map. CnCNet High Preview of the map is included. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the beginning of the map there will be a timer for "Map loading..." in this 1 minute timer the map will try to detect these rules. RULES : 1 - No unit count above 1 2 - No Player is allowed to be on [Start 5] - All the other settings of CnCNet will be Re-Adjusted by the map. If one of these 2 rules is broken the map will automatically destroy everyone on the map forcing you to restart the map with an AI on [Start 5] or a " unit count = 0 " That is all! Hope you enjoy the map. If you faced any problems with the map please notify me so i can fix it. How to set the positions : 1 - Player [Team A] [Start 1] 2 - Player [Team A] [Start 2] 3 - Player [Team A] [Start 3] 4 - Player [Team A] [Start 4] 5 - AI [Team B] [Start 5] ========================================================================================================================================= GAMEPLAY! (First 10 waves only) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba4c49KHjDY DOWNLOAD : X-Arena TD[Fixed][Original].map
  9. Roooo/nunName

    nonName Youtube Channel [Videos Topic]

    Final mission of the beacon triology! Beacon Time Attack Map part 3 : Click Here!
  10. Roooo/nunName

    nonName Youtube Channel [Videos Topic]

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my youtube channel since everyone else is doing so 😅 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJCI5G0_Zmu4u321RtILSRQ Here is my channel. its nothing much but still alright. I usually post the maps that i make. I'm not that competitive kind of player but i play for fun not for win that's why most of my maps are not normal and a bit weird. Here's my most recent uploads. Beacon Defend Map part 1 : Click Here! Beacon Assist Map part 2 : Click Here! Tried 4 matches to beat X-Arena with some group of players but it didn't end up a win for us, so i uploaded the failed one Click Here! Thank you If i upload another video on my channel i will include it in the next post and i will include its picture in the main post!
  11. Roooo/nunName

    Beacon Assist!# P2 [MAP]

    MAP UPDATED : Increased brightness and it's now harder than before!
  12. Roooo/nunName

    Build and Fight [RPG] [v3.0]

    That's ingame time. Its about 15-20 minutes in the fastest game speed.
  13. Roooo/nunName

    Build and Fight [RPG] [v3.0]

    A FUN RPG MAP! "I hope" Main Rule !!!! --------------> SHORT GAME : OFF! Each Team has 40 minutes(ingame time) to build an army of his own. Once the timer ends all their buildings will be destroyed and the teams must fight with the army that they have made. - Players will be unable to undeploy MCVs or Train new MCVs or use Spyplanes or use Psychic Reveal or build Spysats. - Players will be able to build unlimited amount of their construction yards. Cost : $2000 - Light House Wall in the middle of the map to prevent players from crossing to the other side. NOT AVAILABLE FOR ERROR PROBLEMS!
  14. Roooo/nunName

    Build and Fight [Original]

    Taken from Land of War Made the middle part of the map a 4v4 as well. BaF1.map
  15. Roooo/nunName

    BOLO: Notorious Game Ruiner

    Yea i saw that too in one of my games. He killed his team mate and said "IM SO DIRTY" and some shit.