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  1. In RA3 the Apoc is also rarely used there apparently.
  2. I will be honest. with spy's OUT of the equation. I've not seen a single point where auto=shooting prism's are OP. I would very much like to see recorded proof of this TBH. I think allies are at a very nice point right now. At least for FFG's. For competitive play maybe not but that would require this to have a month in Quick match to see how it performs at a high level standard. That would be the only way to prove they are OP. Long story short, I DO NOT want auto shooting prism's to be removed. They are only EVER used for Chronospheres a lot of the time. I killed SEVEN of Kireeek's auto shooting prisms with ONE auto shooting Apoc and killed Kireeek because that was all he spammed. So if I can beat SEVEN of a so called OP unit with one unit that's referred to as "still crappy" then wouldn't that make Apocs and prisms fine where they stand? I really don't know why you guys are complaining without evidence of this. And I can gather evidence that they are not if you guys so want.
  3. Ok, If superweapons are on don't even bother. HOWEVER, if superweapons are off then a combination of Tank Destroyer's and Prism Tanks are a really strong combo, ESPECIALLY if you have spied War factory units. And if you are fighting Apocs or even battle Fortresses they are actually pretty good. All you need is rocketeer's as air fodder and use CTRL + Shift while chasing./ They are pretty hard to make work though but I've seen it being done and done it myself a few times. TD's aren't all bad. but they are a huge disadvantage when you have better thing's like BF's and mirage tanks. That is the BEST way to use Tank Destroyer's and even better you only need 4 units. Rocketeer's prism tanks IFV's and Tank Destroyer's. You need to REALLY be knowledgeable on CTRL Shift and how to use it cause otherwise they are useless and you'd be better off making BF's and Mirage Tanks.
  4. Hello, people. I have a technical question which i am unsure of and looking for support about it if possible. So I got a 4K monitor recently. But it's kind of weird. So, as you can see in the screenshot below I have 1080p and then it goes straight to 4K. The problem is, I would like to play in a resolution a bit higher than 1080 but 4K is too high and in know other people have resolutions in between these like 2560x1440 But I don't. Any idea's why? My only assumption is that it's Hardware related, like processor or graphics but I don't even think so because they can support a resolution higher than what I want to play in so that wouldn't make any sense.
  5. Hi there. So my friend has some issues with connecting in game through CNCNET. He can connect to CNCNET, join a game, launch the game and load but he disconnects after only building like 25% of his power plant, this issue is consistent. Has anyone else had this issue cause i've not seen this before. Any information like logs/video's/screenshots etc let me know and i'll do my best to get them for you, i believe he is on windows 10. Any help for this will be appreciated.
  6. Hi, does anyone have the map download for Offense Defense Extended the 8 player one. I want to do a few edits to that map and I don't really know if there;'s a way to identify a map because when you download something in the client the file name is just a bunch of numbers. Like is there like a key combo i can press in the client over the map name or something?Or do i just have to look through every map till i find it?
  7. It's been like this for AGES. This was different in the older client that had like the green buttons mainly because it had no limits. I'm sure i could have change the cash to 50000 back then.
  8. So i have talked about this before I'm sure, but it's still not a thing. So in original Yuri's Revenge you had options to set the Starting Units, have Crates on or off, have SuperWeapons on or off have Short Game on or Off, have MCV Repacks on or off and have Build off Ally Conyards on. We also never used to be able to be France on the first mission. There were certain factions we were allowed to go. This doesn't bring back anything other than the GameSpeed. Is this changeable? If it is then why has this not been done yet?
  9. Hey, I've been wondering if it's possible to add a random map generator to the client because the original game random map generator made it so that you can make your own random maps, I loved doing it, and I've tried putting a random map in the CNCNET map folder and the yuri's revenge folder, both don't work from what I can see. Anyone else wanting to see this back? This would also prevent us from having an advantage of knowing a map we could create a random one and we all wouldn't know what we had to do like where are the cliffs and stuff i think this would be a really cool addition to CNCNET.
  10. CNCNET Should support RA3 by far. C&COnline is just annoying, I prefer the use of the client for RA2 than launching the game. It just makes sense in my opinion, this goes for Generals(and zero hour) and Tiberium wars(and Kanes wrath) as well.
  11. You actually gonna re-add the link and picture?
  12. I like it but is this a 2v2 or a 3v3 map looks like 2v2 but it would be a possible 3v3 aswell.
  13. well that download is somthing i use myself and it works fine.
  14. I may not be but it's getting boring now with just the 8 standered colours. Please add like a thousand more colours add all the colours they're are heehee.
  15. Can you add colours like Black, white, teal, magenta. etc etc etc. I'd like to see a lot more colours than the standard 8 colours.
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