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  1. This map is original created by @nonName he is the rightfull owner of the map. You can find it on the forums.
  2. No problem you're very much welcome.
  3. Did you run it as adminstratior?
  4. Looks nice,i can't wait to try it out. Well done Roooo! 😀👍
  5. I am in again Nickname: Yukine Forum: TerrorWGD was alot of fun so i'll tag along again
  6. I like to enter. Nickname: Yukine Forum: TerrorWGD
  7. How many moderator's do you need,out of curisioty?
  8. Got the same problem as well on the start up,tried with the patch also, but that did not fix the problem i am afraid.
  9. Nevermind it's resolved needed to restart pc Please deleted this
  10. Indeed a WTF map, but it is also funny to play, i tried it out on skirmish it was fun to try out with all sides xD
  11. TerrorWGD

    3.64 error?

    https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6866-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-53288 <- Read this bro
  12. It worked calling the custom map Custom_Backup Thanks Grant client.log
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