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  1. Cell tags? I thought cell tags don't work in multiplayer and only works in single player :O
  2. That can be done on any map by final alert 2 map editor.
  3. I'll do for both from now on. If you miss it, you have to scroll down hehe
  4. New VIDEO! Playing Oil in center map FFA Small Map Oil in center By: Yosef Anan | Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge
  6. I really tried to make another and this is what came to my head. BARBOS AND TUNA MISSION TO THE FUTURE You can click the image to go to the video!
  7. You have to choose 100k! yes hehe the normal one is easy! you haven't seen the hard one. i suggest to choose the "No choppers version" it has no bug with choppers
  8. Did you try the hard or the normal one :)? Most people won the normal one.
  9. In your ra2 files there will be a file called "Maps" inside there is another file called "Custom" Put it there.
  10. Save the map as "mineyourbusiness.map" throw it in the custom folder then open CnCNet. When you make a room you won't find it in the (Battle) section so you need to change to (Standard) section and you will find it there.
  11. Are thumbnails really worth to pay for 🤔? I use paint with a little photoshop xD
  12. I'm not sure if i should include this here but... THE STORY OF BARBOS AND TUNA You can click the image to go to the video!
  13. New video DESTROY ALL FACTORIES!!! : Click here!
  14. Added another map file. In the new file, you will only be allowed to train up to 15 cosmonauts only.
  15. Another video! Here i show my new map gameplay. Even tho i lost it was but it was a good game. WHO WILL TAKE OVER THE ISLAND? : Click here!
  16. Map updated to "Who will take over the island [Official Final version]" THIS IS THE LAST FINAL VERSION MAP!
  17. This is another FUN RPG MAP that i made. The map will be filled with neutral buildings and hostile units inside rooms surrounded by walls, each player will start at a specific position to grow and explore whats around him and make use of it, until the players finally face each other. All buildings can be captured, but players cannot build what already exist on the map, so they can only build power plants, ore refinery and a barrack [Limited to 1 barrack]. Note : All defenses can be built, but you need to capture the buildings they require! Gap Generator can only be built once you capture a SpySat Uplink. Psychic beacon will grant you the ability to train powerful cosmonauts once captured. Capturing the Psychic Amplifier will allow you to train 1 Yuri Prime. (Yuri Prime doesn't require Yuri's Battle lab) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's basically it! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MAP! GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN! GAMEPLAY DOWNLOAD MAP : Whowilltakeovertheisland.map In this version you can only build 15 cosmonauts Whowilltakeovertheisland[15cosmos].map
  18. Sell it 😃 next time. Don't give up man! Goodluck!
  19. Thanks for playing it I'm posting new weird fun map tomorrow.
  20. Wow I guess that's a small cheaty for the smart. I'm talking about the ground waves did 1 side get stuck and caused all the rest of the waves to get stuck as well?
  21. Nice! Just want to know. Did the map bug by blocking the waves path while you were playing?
  22. LOL no :D. Now that i look at the number again, I see what you mean. But no, i wouldn't intend to name it by 9-11 intentionally. I didn't even think of it until you mentioned it.
  23. My Latest 2 videos. Forgot to post them here Playing My First EVER Single Player Mission : Click here! ME TALKING? OH NO... 4 Horseman Reborn map : Click here!
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