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  1. - no yuri, debatable. cuz it usually takes more skills, quick thinking/adapting and tactics to beat a yuri than the other way around. but then again its YURI's revenge we talk about, so as said discussable. - no france, jokez? whats the next, no dogs 4 scout?
  2. 2016 still faggots being faggots
  3. p.s. prepster u seem to be writing damn lots recently, ever thought about being a book author?
  4. thanks for the update? jokez? ladder has been announced in 2014, its been 2 years and we get to see a "preview". i mean i dont wanna be an ass and personal attack any1 or any1's work, but why would u announce something and give ppl wrong hope and faith? like just work on what you wanna work on and once its done just announce and release it, this hope n faith-game n most likely "keep ppl on your server-game" was nothing but disgusting. most stunning part was all the naive and dumb ppl getting trapped by it. however, out of curiosity. 1) when you speak of "account authentication", how exactly will it work like? 2) how will the point-system work like? ex. will you start off from 0ptz, or 1000ptz. how many ptz can you gain the most, lose the most, etc? 3) what exactly stops you guys from finalizing a proper and running ladder? time? interests? knowledge? thanks, pablo24.
  5. now u know how it feels like, just like when u copied my wol accounts, karma biatch. p.s. if any1 actually cared about an unserious/unfinished ladder-system like u do and any1 was up in points over you, you'd be the first one to login to that account and lose games on purpose and ruin theirs reputation you faggot.
  6. oh no she went all rude n mad. alexis u lil dirty naughty biatch, hehehe. date me?!
  7. iz kool grant. just take ya time, its only been 2 years so far since u announced a ladder for yr. 2020 it shall be and then we rockin yr like in da hood, dayum.
  8. you're banned for a reason from xwis forums, also been banned from xwis for a reason, you're a mentally challenged deluded laming cheater who accuses everyone else for things you're an expert for. told ya alrdy few times, get some therapies irl otherwise you always gonna stay the same useless, meaningless deluded troll stuck in your own internet cave, dumpster fag imbecile. anyways bk to topic, SHREKT SHITKID. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. u deserve to get cheated like that every game. rekd fag, hhhhhhhhhh
  10. announced in 2014, released in never.
  11. haha what a load of bullshit, keep trying to convince others and yourself. every1 who knows you and is half-sane knows you're nothing but a lying, cheating retard.
  12. arent u a mentally challenged retard with no job at all? also havent u cheated your ass off at xwis so you got perm banned? so why exactly should they take ur "offer", unless they're even more retarded than urself? :|
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