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  1. Learn how to play against yuri instead of complaining.
  2. So prove that I cheated for every one of my rank 1s on xwis when I totally walked over you. You can't because you're a liar - the admin screen requests are all there, the fair play is self evident. All you were ever decent at were team games and hated because you trash talk all the time. During any of our 1v1's you got literally obliterated and avoided me in qm every time. Talking is cheap, when it came to actual games you got owned every single time. Even in 2007, when I got rank 1 while the game was crackin, everyone played back then (Dean, tomi, kris, etc.) you were hiding because you're a loser and only noob bashing weaker players with seals and pretended to own everyone when you didn't. Sov vs yuri, y v y, a v s, you name it you weren't in my league of high level play. Your only chance was ava really and you still got pimp slapped. Also I don't bother joining games with toxic people like you. I'm playing seldom since a year now. For the record you started back playing 1-2 years ago. When you came back, you got rolled 1v1 S v A and yvy you didn't even lift a finger because you're totally noob at it and by then I was already ranked 1 on cnc net (July 2018). If I were you, I would stop talking trash.
  3. As the saying goes practice makes perfect and the same applies to the game, the more you play you become better at knowing the maps, unit micro and macros. the prime of players should definitely start at around 2006 or so. 2004-2005 a few people just started coming back on xwis because wol was full of bots for a while and many had quit and were rusty when coming back to xwis. I played YR xwis since it started in early 2004, there were less players that year until 2006 and 2007 when I saw the most people in qm and custom game. I was top 5 with allies in 2005 after just using the side for a month in ranked games on xwis when the server pretty much was up for only a year, which you consider the ''prime time'' in yuri? (even though it wasn't) and I personally didn't even use the yr faction until 2006 or so. Only in 2006 -2007, the better and more challenging soviet players started appearing such as Kris, marko, andy, dean which was the the beginning of the real prime. These guys will give you trouble in qm. I can understand there were more skilled sov players on ra2 during the xwis years but most of those guys never played ranked on yuris except for a few.
  4. As a ra2/yr expansion player for nearly 17 years and seven rank 1's, I have to give my input and agree with those who suggest keeping the game true to the original. Blizzard did it with StarCraft in 4k. The gameplay is essentially unchanged just the graphics are improved. It would be very nice seeing the same route taken with ra2 and yr. Having the same speed and feel of the original gameplay is crucial to a remaster, because it preserves the gameplay everyone loves while improving on the atmosphere of the game itself and making it more immersive. Plus points such as adding better graphics, effects and long lasting online multiplayer support would be a no brainer and bring many people back. Changing any of the gameplay and atmosphere of the classics deviates from what everyone is used to and probably would be a let down.
  5. Just some random pic I made of me rank 1 on xwis 6 times since 2007, then just recently in July, on cnc net for the 7th time. Top 10 many other times as well. I played Tomi's yuri and allied back in 2008 in qm and always won, although he was good with sovs and ra2. Frank aka lucifier I never remember playing you in qms you shouldn't talk smack because you never played in competitive ladder against me, and if you did, you would never pass me. I wouldn't be so proud if I was you.
  6. sunny

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Yes that may be cheesy but its not unstoppable, if you play against YR on a large map (without cliffs that mags dominate), the amount of distance between you and your opponent means the Yuri has to travel further giving you more time for your valuable iron curtain to count down. Once you devise an effective strategy to repel the first harassment the large area of the map gives you enough time for your IC to activate and be used defensively or offensively, (preferably offensively). On a larger map such as GSF, CS, Montana, HFO and similar, there's a considerable amount of pressure on every yuri player to rebuild his attack wave after the previous ones become damaged or eliminated by the irons and drones. The longer the game stretches on the harder it might become to defeat a skilled yuri due to grinding of brutes and compound income from grinding brutes via genetic mutator. What I meant by intercept the masters mind with the drones was catch them when the yuri neglects keeping a gatling near them, that happens quite often and can give you an edge by allowing you some breathing room to rebuild.
  7. sunny

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Basic rule of thumb ; try sneaking 1 more miner than your opponent out of wharf so you will tech on 5 minors, otherwise you tech on 4 if you're getting harassed. Tech up and mass rhino and a few drones after lab. Turtle for a few min with deso + sentry and wait for IC. Yuri is beatable, however, I would avoid playing against a competent player on tour of Egypt due/ isle of war and similar maps to the cliff advantage and mags zoning you out of his side of the map. If you do end up playing against a good player there you should try to get a critical hit with IC on his MCV/ Sw with your first couple waves of irons otherwise you will surely lose. They will also slowly ruin your eco by dropping your miners throughout the entire game. Use stealth techniques to your advantage and hide drones behind trees and buildings to intercept the unguarded masters minds when they're en route to your base.
  8. Look at GSF, spot 4 is closer to oils, gems and garrisons, on CS spot 4 has more ore for late game and easier to camp the center. Montana DMZ has the airport on the top right for free paradrops.That does not mean people should avoid those maps, if you get the bad position you need to play harder against an equal skilled opponent.
  9. sunny


    Will Emperor Battle for Dune be coming to cnc net?
  10. Hi, May it be suggested adding every official map in the game? That would simply make the game more fun. If you do not like the map or are afraid of your opponent you can always bail him/her.
  11. He's a bailer, I got matched with the guy 3-4 times and he didn't load.
  12. That's not me, I never used that nick.
  13. sunny

    qm map pool

    just put all maps into the selection, may the strongest win!
  14. Hi, I was just testing out the ladder and playing someone who uses the name adj4 on the map divide and conquer, once I attack from both side and was winning the game, there suddenly was a recon error and I lost points, it must have been a glitch or a cheat from his end that caused the recon, not sure. Can anyone look into what the cause of the lost points after recon may be?
  15. Allies have a higher learning curve than sovs, if someone trains you then you might learn much quicker but still lack experience, as a1thony said it's all relative to the skill and how ou use every unit, remember on YR gi's are stronger so that helps in the early stage holding off a rush and later on with camping if need be. How would TD's make any considerable difference? They can potentially be used to stop a rush but could anyone explain how they could possibly be useful mid game with supers? dogs and deso fodders render them futile. GB are good against stray infantry including desos , making them a fun choice if you're a high pressure player and blitz the sov with tech and snipers, your fortress wont have to drive very close and you could deal a lot of damage picking off desos and making them go broke rebuilding them. America is overall the easiest to use, for allies you get 8 paratroopers for free every minute or so, other factions take higher skill and require much more orchestrated offensive tactics. America and korea are usually the most effective in a supers game, If you're France against a good player you spend 2k for cannons while the sov can just drive around them, however, if you're skillful enough prolonging the game against sovs and survive, then you could potentially use cannons to create choke points if the map allows for it or stretch to their base late game (as you could do to yuri players).
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