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  1. Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    Look at GSF, spot 4 is closer to oils, gems and garrisons, on CS spot 4 has more ore for late game and easier to camp the center. Montana DMZ has the airport on the top right for free paradrops.That does not mean people should avoid those maps, if you get the bad position you need to play harder against an equal skilled opponent.
  2. EBFD

    Will Emperor Battle for Dune be coming to cnc net?
  3. Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    Hi, May it be suggested adding every official map in the game? That would simply make the game more fun. If you do not like the map or are afraid of your opponent you can always bail him/her.
  4. Sunny praying to the dark lord again

    He's a bailer, I got matched with the guy 3-4 times and he didn't load.
  5. Sunny praying to the dark lord again

    That's not me, I never used that nick.
  6. qm map pool

    just put all maps into the selection, may the strongest win!
  7. Hi, I was just testing out the ladder and playing someone who uses the name adj4 on the map divide and conquer, once I attack from both side and was winning the game, there suddenly was a recon error and I lost points, it must have been a glitch or a cheat from his end that caused the recon, not sure. Can anyone look into what the cause of the lost points after recon may be?
  8. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Allies have a higher learning curve than sovs, if someone trains you then you might learn much quicker but still lack experience, as a1thony said it's all relative to the skill and how ou use every unit, remember on YR gi's are stronger so that helps in the early stage holding off a rush and later on with camping if need be. How would TD's make any considerable difference? They can potentially be used to stop a rush but could anyone explain how they could possibly be useful mid game with supers? dogs and deso fodders render them futile. GB are good against stray infantry including desos , making them a fun choice if you're a high pressure player and blitz the sov with tech and snipers, your fortress wont have to drive very close and you could deal a lot of damage picking off desos and making them go broke rebuilding them. America is overall the easiest to use, for allies you get 8 paratroopers for free every minute or so, other factions take higher skill and require much more orchestrated offensive tactics. America and korea are usually the most effective in a supers game, If you're France against a good player you spend 2k for cannons while the sov can just drive around them, however, if you're skillful enough prolonging the game against sovs and survive, then you could potentially use cannons to create choke points if the map allows for it or stretch to their base late game (as you could do to yuri players).
  9. korea vs yuri ?

    Soviet vs yuri you will struggle against mm spam, towers, gat bunkers and brutes as foddor for yuris arsenals even if you drone him. As the game drags on things get increasingly difficult for sov. With sovs you need to make lethal hits with sw`s and rhinos as soon as you can and can't afford making mistakes. Allies are clearly strongest late game; mass mirage and prism are much better in numbers and more effective versus mastermind, where as with sovs you need iron curtain for rhinos to be the most useful. JSDS: In regards to USA or Korea, paratroopers give an alert skilled yuris free promos for gats. Jets are more useful. Also don't spam battle fortress vs yuris, 1-2 are enough because mass mm will counter that easy with some mags.
  10. Best Current Allied Player on CNCNet?

    I passed the auto screen shot taken during game and also the ones I needed to take so nice try talking smack....and no one cares about miner glitch there's no cheats on cnc net thankfully.
  11. Best Current Allied Player on CNCNet?

    I'm disproving your lies once and for all. The game was significantly more active in 2007-2009, there were higher skill players than there were in 2004-2006. Just because I started getting rank 1 in 07 and you bailed, does not imply all the good players left. There was actually a surplus of players back then on xwis. I manged to get rank 1, multiple times, while you were a no- show. Back then Dean was the best allied and he played up until 2012. Even when you were playing under your nick grinder in 2006, you only bailed me. You obviously lacked ability competing versus yr, hence you were never in qm when I played all those years. You only were half good at a v a and picked on lesser skilled soviets. Dean, marko, zigzag, even Andy and Tim were around 2007-2013, All played qm and were the top of xwis and very active. There were also some German yuris players better than you. How could you say all the good players left? Name the good players from 2004-2006? It's easy to talk but facts are different. Further disproving your lie I was top 5 in September or November, 2005, under the name Ominous. Check xwis HOF list). In 2007, I started getting rank 1 and no surprise you say ''all the good players left'' when they clearly didn't. The game was very much alive and active, even more so than 2006. false information and lies, typical from a guy making racist insults in game.
  12. Most underrated Player

    look at yourself, you never played me on xwis -- out of all the 5 different times I got rank 1 you never played me once because you could hardly beat any good yuri with your style of allies and sov, you could also never make it to top 5 playing everyone on xwis without bailing nor make it to the final of a tournament. One time when you tried you made a seal every game and lost. The only time you could ever get a decent rank was through new player bashing. Even recently a few months ago, I gave you the opportunity for the best spot on country swing and let you take spot 4 with allies and you lost to my soviet on spot 2 by 20 or more rhinos. Your style of allies cannot beat a top sov or top yuri 1v1 on the most popular maps. If you're just good a v a on a select few maps there's no way you can be classed as a good all around allied player when you struggle vs experienced sov and yuri in short and long games and games with supers on. Nor can you be considered as a good all around player with every side. Shows you're a player with a limited skill level who just talks trash. you have some obvious issues (racism, abuse, slander) and you are at most an average, egoistic player with limited knowledge about the game.
  13. racism from justin

    He always starts racist talk, every time, then lies saying I said something years ago that isn't even true. You were in the game that day, since you choose to ignore that makes you a liar and delusional -- actually you may be just as vile and wicked as him since you act non chalant about his comments. prove me wrong I'm not the only guy who's reported him. His language is clearly visible in the screens I uploaded, anything I said to Tej was light hearted and jokingly And as I said me and Tej share the same culture, eventhough we aren't buddies and he did start racist comments along with Justin. In any chat log you'll see I said nothing wrong to Justin, the facts are visible, accept or ignore the truth, more than one person reported him including myself (more than once) yet you're still in disbelief. I spoke to other people on this forum and in game and they all verified to me Justin's behavior is wrong, so you are indeed the delusional one buddy. The right thing to do would be to have given him a warning and then ban the second time. It seems nobody can be banned in cnc net, so reports don't matter
  14. racism from justin

    double post ---
  15. racism from justin

    You where sitting calling tej 'paki' and making racist comments yourself, you are as bad as each other so here's your choice ill let you pick. Drop it and move on or ill ban you both? Funkyfresh can check the chat logs and see for himself that this was a 2 way arguement and the behaviour of both you and Justin was immature and unacceptable. For you to report someone whilst being guilty of the same violation is kinda pathetic. Make your choice. Jason, thats simply not true, Tej always starts harassing and racist comments himself when Justin is around. If one is provoked they say something back usually. Check any chat log and you will see for yourself who started the racist comments.I even uploaded a screen from a few months ago here. The evidence clearly shows who the real culprit is, this guy starts abusing and harassing every single time, even unprovoked. There have been many more instances when both Tej and Justin both were using this type of language, I just haven't bothered to report every time. https://ibb.co/iovKYv Listen to you.. 'he started it' i dont care who started it. Takes two to tango. You'll find what i said is true. You where also being racist. If u wanna report someone then fire away, but dont sit there proclaiming innocence when you where also bieng racist. @JSDS - then report him, i dont ban anyone unless ive ran it by another admin and ive learnt its not worth getting involved in every pathetic squable over these games. Racist to who? I wasn't ever racist to justin, nor tej. Tej is from the same area where some of my family are from so any claim of racism to tej is utter bs. How can one be racist to someone if you're part of the same nationality? Yet everytime I log on, its ALWAYS justin spewing garbage and racist remarks about jews, muslims, etc. Just because hes your friend you choose to ignore an evil act, that makes you no better. Despite more than one person reporting him you still choose to ignore it, that says a lot about you as a human being and what you stand for.