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  1. Random Missions [Co-op] [MAP]

    You actually gonna re-add the link and picture?
  2. [4] Rolake v1

    I like it but is this a 2v2 or a 3v3 map looks like 2v2 but it would be a possible 3v3 aswell.
  3. how to play Campaign?

    well that download is somthing i use myself and it works fine.
  4. Adding more Colours

    I may not be but it's getting boring now with just the 8 standered colours. Please add like a thousand more colours add all the colours they're are heehee.
  5. Adding more Colours

    Can you add colours like Black, white, teal, magenta. etc etc etc. I'd like to see a lot more colours than the standard 8 colours.
  6. how to play Campaign?

    One thing you COULD do is use make a brand new folder with the game in it nothing else no mods no CNCNET. Then copy and paste your renderer .dll file in that folder. All I'm trying to say is I use windows 10 and it works fine with me. So, for example, make a new folder called Ra2 then install these 4 links then copy your renderer into the folder. This is how I got this working for my use. RA2: http://xwis.net/downloads/Red-Alert-2-Multiplayer.exe YR: http://xwis.net/downloads/Yuris-Revenge-Multiplayer.exe Compatibility Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x3p4x2ambdzlzn7/Compatibility_Patch.zip Soundtrack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/io5w550ld6xq5vx/Soundtrack.rar Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjEwtfQrGzY Note: Make sure you install these to the folder you made for the game. Another thing is DO NOT install CNCNET to this folder you will mess it up then. This is a free download I use this. One last thing. You use TS-DDraw Right? Well just copy TS-DDraw.dll across into the folder you installed those links too. This worked for me.
  7. When are you gonna fix Co-Operative?

    what I'm saying is let us turn superweapons on and off let us turn the short game on or off let us turn mcv repacks on or off let us turn crates appear on or off and let us turn build off ally conyards on or off. Also, let us select the number of starting units. If you don't believe me that these changes were possible GO PLAY IT ON THE ORGNAL AGAIN! Keep everything else greyed out so we don't get to change anything else other than the stuff I've said. Also, keep the starting credits are 10000.
  8. This came out of nowhere [Solved]

    Eh? What?
  9. Random Missions [Co-op] [MAP]

    Cool. Also when you coming back to play.
  10. Random Missions [Co-op] [MAP]

    Where is the download link for farewell?
  11. When are you gonna fix Co-Operative?

    ok go to game modes then go to co-operative. you cant enable or disable anything you cant change anything but the game speed. Keep the money at 10000 but let us change everything else. Wecould in the original. yur in battle therefor you can change it but we cant change anything in co-operative.
  12. In the original You could change the difficulty game speed turn superweapons on or off mcv repaks onor off have short game on or off and change the number of starting units. Right now all we can cange is the game speed. FIX IT! I was told before that it is the same. It's not and it's very annoying.
  13. Jesus christ, that looks weird. lol
  14. I reinstalled yr it's working now. mental omega and yr cncnet.
  15. How do i check if avast (my anti virus) is holding on to it? it's not alreayd running.