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  1. ok go to game modes then go to co-operative. you cant enable or disable anything you cant change anything but the game speed. Keep the money at 10000 but let us change everything else. Wecould in the original. yur in battle therefor you can change it but we cant change anything in co-operative.
  2. In the original You could change the difficulty game speed turn superweapons on or off mcv repaks onor off have short game on or off and change the number of starting units. Right now all we can cange is the game speed. FIX IT! I was told before that it is the same. It's not and it's very annoying.
  3. Jesus christ, that looks weird. lol
  4. I reinstalled yr it's working now. mental omega and yr cncnet.
  5. How do i check if avast (my anti virus) is holding on to it? it's not alreayd running.
  6. it cant overwrite somthing it's called clientdx.exe or somthing. I just tryed reinstalling it there.
  7. K i dont know if this is what you are looking for but here. 29.05. 12:36:26.340 ***Logfile for Yuri's Revenge client*** 29.05. 12:36:26.355 Client version: 29.05. 12:36:26.355 Loading settings. 29.05. 12:36:26.402 KABOOOOOOM!!! Info: 29.05. 12:36:26.402 Message: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=842cf8be1de50553' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. 29.05. 12:36:26.402 Source: DTAClient 29.05. 12:36:26.402 TargetSite.Name: ‫‮‬‏‏‫‌‎‏‮‪‎ ‮‮‮‎ ‍‎‎‭‌‎ ‬‬‎‮ 29.05. 12:36:26.402 Stacktrace: at ‬‌‭‫‬‪‮  ‫‏ ‮‬‬‬‫‬‮‎‮‌‌‫‮.‫‮‬‏‏‫‌‎‏‮‪‎ ‮‮‮‎ ‍‎‎‭‌‎ ‬‬‎‮() at ‫ ‪‭‪‌‎‮‏‏‮‭‭‮‬‫‏‍‌‌ ‭‫‎‫‮‭‭‮.‬ ‏‍‍‮‌‪‭‎‍‍‏‭‍‫‪‪‏‬‭‮‏‮‍‮(String[] ) at ‬‫‭‮‫‏‍‮‫‮‏‬‍‏‍‌‍‬‮‬ ‪‫‎‮.‍‍‮‎‏‍ ‫‬‏‌‏‭‫‮‭‫ ‭‭‭ ‎‭‮(String[] ) It isent a kaboom error i got but thisis the latest.
  8. OK, another error. This is also happening on mental omega's cncnet. i have the same error when trying to launch this i just updated by the way then it restarted now i cant launnch it so i think it's gonna be the newest update.
  9. lucky windows 7 bastered. lol.
  10. Mine is territorial imperative. I don't have a reason though.
  11. Well, i would be more than happy to mod for you guys. Also, you might want to explain what flaming infantry actually is. A lot of people will get confused. I know myself and furinkazan/dubstar and few other's got confused with that first time we played. I know it means you can't put c4's on yourself but that doesn't matter again people will get confused with that.
  12. Ahh ok. I was also thinking about somthing. You want another mod for the server?
  13. Thank you. Anyone ever in the channels?
  14. Delete this post.