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  1. naWb

    QM Frame Rate

    Everytime i play QM on cncnet, the frame rate is horrible, but when i play custom games through lobby its completely fine? any Suggestions?
  2. naWb


    ive trieed to uninstall the game and reinstall still no luck
  3. naWb


    It keeps crashing, ill download the update but soon as 2nd black screen comes up, the DTA launcher crashes and i cant update
  4. naWb

    Update Crash

    Its the DTA UPDTAE Launcher that keeps crashing
  5. naWb

    Update Crash

    For some reason i cant update, the client keeps crashing and wont load up
  6. Hey im wondering how many people on here play xbox one? Was going to start a group. if anyone has xbox live and wants to game it upp Gamertag is Vageto I mainly play Call of Duty Infinite Warefare
  7. ok...thats 12;15 to 3;15 korcs time...is he also availible same times and days? You should worry about GunMan and Ankarars times =) when they are available to play.
  8. I will only be available to play YR 2v2 tournament from 3:15 PM eastern time till 5:15 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.
  9. Me and Korc are online regularly, while i havent seen you or ankarar online in weeks. So can we please finish these 2v2s s
  10. naWb

    Resolution Problem

    Fucking awsome!! that worked, i changed all the applications to DPI scaling + admin mode + compatabilty to window xp sp3 =) finally i get to play in 1080p
  11. naWb

    Resolution Problem

    For some reason i cant play on 1080p, when i put the setting on, it cuts out the side of the tab and i cant click the side, i can deploy mcv and move. My laptops reso is 1080 so im not sure what the problem is. I can however set it to dnWxd and the resolution will show with the side bar, but i cant click the side bar the mouse wont move over to it, and it seems pretty sluggish when its on that setting.
  12. Ive been on YR with Korc this whole past weekend and havent seen Insaiyan whatsoever....
  13. Insaiyan please contact me so we can set up a time to play.
  14. I was trying to pick the map for you guys to play on. I was following the rules that ZiGZaG posted in this forum. But you are too much of a ignorant idiot to realize that.
  15. Matt vwww wants to sign up. i tried to stream idiot justin and flamer matt but they are both scared to have the games recorded.
  16. https://www.twitch.tv/imnothighx
  17. So I see MisterMaster online, i ask him to play he says "Ok" we play 1 game 3v3 and we are supposed to play after that, he agrees. After the game is done he just quits off of CnCnet. After im waiting on him in the lobby. For fuck sake people stop bailing its an online video game. Or say that you wont have time to play.
  18. I asked iHeartSluts/BeHappy to play, BeHappy said he wont have time to play anymore so you should remove him from the list. And iHeartSluts would rather play ffg's then to finish 1v1 Tourny games. You shuld probably remove both of these idiots for wasting time.
  19. Add me on Skype if you want to contact me to get games. Ive been busy lately but i should be free soon Skype - xdavorx_1
  20. im in naWb and i cant stream
  21. What talk? I didn't talk shit once, we gave away those games, you idiot you and zig are lucky to have won. But have fun getting destroyed by tej and Justin. And Korc outplayed you lol so idk how you would win with 1 hand.
  22. Look at time stamp 7:44. Literally right after that "ZiGzaG" gets online. For all you idiots why would andy play vs some random idiot, without being on skype.
  23. Yet you guys still ignore the fact that andy lied lol...the dude is shady and is a liar. And aufruler told me if he isn't on and everyone else is on that korc can stream the games...I don't understand why all of the sudden we have to wait for aufruler to be obsing. Funny thing is 100% if andy and fake zig won the series last night zig wouldn't say shit.
  24. 1st of all Andy some of us have jobs, meaning we can't be on when you demand to play. 2nd of all Zigzag shut up, why would andy tell me that you are coming on, and your name shows up 5 min after he tells me that in cncnet lobby. And 1 more question why would andy play with a random zigzag on cncnet? When I'm 1000000% sure he has you on Skype. Like I said andy thought he would win 5-0 quick with someone else and got owned. And then he probably told the other person he is done playing with them and they logged off and made nicks against andy.
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