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  1. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'd be happy to stream a game/make a video. I just don't want to cover one that is already being streamed/promoted/covered elsewhere is my only stipulation.
  2. Find out how to snag a copy for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApYdUckZwjw
  3. Up for new vid. Haven’t posted in months
  4. my official quit

    Good luck dude. I know for some people it can be very difficult to separate work from play. For others, it's simply flipping a switch. I'm in the boat where I have a very addictive personality and know in order to be fully successful in one thing, I have to completely separate myself from the distractions. Hopefully you can come back casually when you get everything sorted!
  5. This is beyond pathetic...

    ...the point of the 13 games we played 6 months ago was to do exactly that, but he refused to upload them after getting shit stomped and resorted to making a laundry list of excuses and personal attacks. Now going so far as to directly attack the channel.
  6. This is beyond pathetic...

    You agreed and pressured me to make videos. Period. You're just angry 6 months later that you literally couldn't win 1 game to make it seem like you're the better player (e.g. win 1, lose 13 but only post the 1 win as you always do with your content). To be blunt: my videos on average get thousands (some tens of thousands) more views than yours; so let's not act like me stomping you is a massive marketing ploy -- those video's view counts have not moved in 4 months. What needed to be said here has been said. Seeing as you sound like a broken record of your whining, complaining, and excuse laden rhetoric from 6 months ago, I'm done here. And thank you for the second trademark claim against a different video. I'll be sure to return the favor very soon.
  7. This is beyond pathetic...

    You post my message as if I said something wrong or embarrassing -- Let's recap: You maliciously went behind my back in order to try to remove my video from YouTube without ever contacting me on the matter. Again: Fuck you and your PR attempt to look like an angel. You, your channel, and any semblance of "friendship" is long gone. I have long ignored your ignorant and negative comments on my videos. I have consistently either deleted or tried to put out flame posts against you on my videos. But now you've attacked my channel directly. Nobody is fooled by you. Wait, I can't tell if there is a language barrier here or if you are plain lying: YOU were the one who spammed my messages and YouTube videos asking to VS for weeks on end. Let's not get that twisted, pal. It will be reviewed by YT and has the potential to be removed based on their analysis of his allegations. Appreciate the love.
  8. Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    Happy y'all are safe. Good luck in your rebuild and recovery efforts.
  9. This is beyond pathetic...

    whoops wrong edit
  10. This is beyond pathetic...

    I can't believe it. The astronomical ego it must take to try and harm another creator for some perceived personal benefit... Ego was the first thing that came to mind. Thanks for your support. He has trouble accepting he's inferior at a 20 year old game. It's obviously still eating at him for whatever strange reason. I get that our vs's didn't go as he planned. But censoring it 6 months later is not the way to go about it. So childish.
  11. This is beyond pathetic...

    UPDATE: He has now filed a second trademark claim against another video of me stomping him after stating he wants us to be friends and I should help him. #Logic. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to catch the next Kikematamitos slaughtering: http://smarturl.it/SubBryanVahey _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kikematamitos has now filed a trademark claim against my video because it "damaged his reputation" and he "didn't give permission for use" after not only agreeing to 1v1 me for the sake of making cross-promotional videos, but pressuring me for months to play him to make said videos. After losing 13-0, he refused to upload anything and has now decided, 6 months later, that his frustration is still not settled so he's taken it to YouTube. This after he has posted multiple videos in the identical format 1v1ing other players. I knew this guy was a child -- that's why I removed him from all of my contacts and YouTube promo list, and largely ignored his verbal attacks against my content on multiple videos in the comment section. This takes it to a new low. Be careful with this idiot. <picture removed> Moderator Edit: The picture was removed since it contained name/email address and other things that were probably not meant to be visible for anyone besides you
  12. New Twitch Livestream page live

    I guess I'll throw my twitch on here for good measure https://www.twitch.tv/pwn2kill2