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  1. elite apoc + death stares

    up for new vid
  2. Suggestion: Donor badges and custom colors

    up for new ideas
  3. New Twitch Livestream page live

    Ahh that makes sense. I was definitely inexperienced on Twitch and slow to change game titles early on, though I never meant to break the rules or try to dupe people -- at first I literally didn't know how. I have been and will continue to be more punctual about changing the game title when I'm not on C&C now that I've learned how to use Twitch! If you could add me back I'd appreciate it; also, it would help to add a note to the first post in the thread about being prompt to change the game title if not on C&C.
  4. New Twitch Livestream page live

    is the list bugged? still doesn't show my stream when I'm live . Also @Grant is there any way for me to contact you? I can't message you anymore bby
  5. CnCNet reaches 800+ Players Online

    during my scheduled stream!! congrats cncnet!
  6. elite apoc + death stares

    to le top for le newest vid
  7. Elite apocalypse + Dream

    to le top for le newest vid
  8. Suggestion: Donor badges and custom colors

    whoaaaaaaaaaaa. Well nobody knows about this LOL. Perhaps make it off by default? Thanks for the tip!!!!!
  9. Hi all! I have a new wave of suggestions to boost engagement and CnCNet's support: custom donor badges and colors! It would be really cool to show IN GAME and forum badges, custom chat/name colors, etc. So, let's say for example someone donates $10, acknowledge their contribution by giving them a donor badge and a custom chat color/bold and name color/bold. And make the default chat set to one color that is not editable unless you're a donor! And you could setup different donor tiers to add further customization/cooler badges. I realize everyone can choose their own login name and that will cause a bit of difficulty, but if you're already using a login system for ranked ladder games, maybe the integration wouldn't be too bad? I have no idea, just a suggestion!
  10. New Twitch Livestream page live

    yo... my stream isn't showing up on here when I'm live anymore... what gives? https://www.twitch.tv/pwn2kill2
  11. elite apoc + death stares

    le bump
  12. elite apoc + death stares

    to le top for le new video
  13. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'd be happy to stream a game/make a video. I just don't want to cover one that is already being streamed/promoted/covered elsewhere is my only stipulation.
  14. Elite apocalypse + Dream

    Latest vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj6VcfJ5W0U ___________________________________________________________ Don't miss another YT upload: http://smarturl.it/SubBryanVahey Follow on TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/pwn2kill2
  15. elite apoc + death stares