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  1. I am in the top 150, the players with the highest levels of units are not at all the best!The top of the ladder of Rivals are not all pay to win 😛
  2. I'm actually streaming, note for 2019 i have change the url. Can you change https://www.twitch.tv/Chris_be (now this url dont exist) for this please ? https://www.twitch.tv/Chrisev_TV. Thanks a lot, see you soon
  3. This topic is just PERFECT, nice job and thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I have been working for the CnCSaga.com team for several years, I have not talked about it in the past, but CnCSaga is the main fan site on Command and Conquer in French! We also have a German version managed by another team and available on CnCSaga.de! The site exists since 1996 and it is a real honor and pleasure to work with them for the animation around the universe of Command And Conquer! I take this opportunity to share an old video that is almost 10 years old! And may be the opportunity for potential french players to tell them that they are not alone! It's been a few weeks that I come back on RA2 / YR and I gathered a dozen of french players! We are here! ...and we are jealous not to have CnC Rivals yet! It has been ten years since this video was shot. And is one of the only ones we have in English, so I take the opportunity for you shared! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MilWR4HgptY See you soon! Follow us on YouTube ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCiSXVDwI0&list=PLq6FGqqKikmlL4R6KHGUZS-PqPd8ApuT8
  5. DOOM 2! Epic game, I still remember all the codes on this game! 😅
  6. Perseverance is power, after each game you will become stronger.
  7. Nice job, no HOF for me this month maybe next 🤗 congrats everyone 😋
  8. really cool! We need more maps like this
  9. Looking really nice, i wanna try this map
  10. i'm actually starting to play on the TS/RA1 ladder, YR too! i'm on fire and active 😋
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