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  1. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    Thank you! Our audio engineer's got this down. He managed to re-create CABAL's voice effect, NOD Cyborgs, Cyborg Reapers and Cyborg Commando, EVA, walkie-talkie effect, etc. The guy sure knows what he's doing, and I'm glad he's on our side. The only downside is that the game only accepts 22khz mono files for EVA / CABAL / units, so even though everything sounds crystal clear prior to import, the game downgrades the quality automatically, and it's quite unfortunate. But hey, there's no way to avoid it, I suppose. We're currently in the process of recording the units. It may seem like there's not much work to do there, but then you look at it and you realize that hey, wait, hold on a second, even though, let's say, Light Infantry has about 15-20 lines total as far as the unit itself is concerned, the same voice actor ALSO does a bunch of story stuff in game and well, you've gotta get the same guy to voice all that in the Ukrainian version too, to keep it more or less consistent. The most demanding roles are those of EVA and CABAL, though. Aside from the fact that they've got a lot of very important gameplay lines to go through, they also comment on mission-specific objectives, read briefings aloud and are ALSO present in the cutscenes, not to mention that they're heavily featured in Firestorm. We're done working on CABAL, and his lines alone are easily somewhere within the 400+ sentences. EVA's life is somewhat easier - she's calm and more or less emotionless, all you really need to voice her is a pleasant voice and good pronunciation, but CABAL's got this low, deep, characteristic voice, and despite the fact that he's an AI, he's quite sarcastic and even emotional at times, all of which requires quite the effort on the actor's part. To quote our guy, "The amount of warm tea I had to drink just to get through one session without dying was probably enough to fill in a couple of water tanks." I should probably buy him a chocolate bar or something. All of this is a pure voluntary effort, by the way. No one is getting paid! Why bother, you might ask? Well, we love this game, we love this series, and we want to do something cool and useful. Bringing this game to our countrymen in their native language is useful, and, if I may say so myself, pretty cool.
  2. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    So, here's a small update: even though we've used subtitles to translate the cutscenes back in Tiberian Dawn, this time around we'll be using our actual actors to provide voice overs instead. It's gonna be a bit more work (in fact, A LOT more work), but it's worth it. No, it's not going to end up like hunderds of unofficial Russian translations with kids badly trying to talk over James Earl Jones, everyone involved is a professional voice actor working for one of the Kyiv-based dubbing studios. In fact, if we had the audio sources, we'd do a full dub, but as it is, removing vocals is pretty much impossible, so voice over it is.
  3. How can we attract more players to Tiberian Sun?

    I learned enough about the game to beat the GDI and NOD campaigns in both the original game and in the expansion. Since I'm not interested in being competitive online, that's enough learning for me. And that's your answer as to why I play it - because I like it in general. Uh, no, I'm not. Compared to Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2's story is hilarious and it doesn't even try to take itself even remotely seriously. The only thing that's missing during the cutscenes is a laugh track in the background between Romanov's lines delivered with an over the top fake Russian-ish accent. I mean, come on, those guys were chewing up the scenery like it's nobody's business. Why, thank you. And you are unnecessarily rude. I scout the map. With squads of soldiers that are well equipped to fight back if necessary. No, I really don't. I like to immerse myself in the game, not game it up to the best of my abilities. I know what they're doing and why. I just don't find this style of gameplay appealing or interesting, that's all. See, here's the problem, Lud0wig: you seem to think that only the people who have mastered the online scene truly know the game, but that's not exactly how it is. It all depends on your perspective and on what you consider the game being truly about. I never cared for multiplayer, so for me personally, that part of the game is completely unnecessary, and if it were to disappear completely from the menu, I probably wouldn't even notice. Other people probably treat singleplayer the exact same way as I treat multiplayer. And that's okay. Both people who enjoy singleplayer and people who enjoy multiplayer know and enjoy the game - just the different aspects of it. There's no need to be rude or condescending simply because someone doesn't view the things the same way you do. It doesn't make you look better, it makes you look much worse than you really are. Yay, I'm not alone in this cruel world of wall building! Sure, why not? Playing coop like that sounds exactly like something I'd gladly invest an evening or two
  4. How can we attract more players to Tiberian Sun?

    I respectfully disagree, v2elite, though the reason for that might just be the reason I also don't really enjoy playing online that much, and that reason is: I never cared for competetive multiplayer. And in singleplayer, Tiberian Sun is pretty damn good, it's got interesting stories, great cutscenes, great music and unique atmosphere, and that's all I really wanted from a C&C game back in the day. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge always felt too out there, too cartoony and tongue in cheek, with Red Alert 3 taking it all the way into space as far as cheese is concerned. I still play Tiberian Sun and Firestorm (using the clients provided by this site), in fact, played it today. On my own. But multiplayer is a different story. Why? Well, it's simple - people tend to take it way too seriously for my personal liking. When I play a game, any game, all I really want is to have fun, and for me, memorizing dozens of strategies, exploiting systems and doing everything you can possibly imagine just to win a match is not fun. Now, I fully comprehend that different people have different ideas about what "fun" is. For many players, "fun" is exactly what I've described. Just not for me, I suppose. There's also the issue of, I'm not exactly sure how to put it, but let's call it "making sense". I've tried watching a couple of competitive matches played in Red Alert 2, and, well... it's not really a game anymore, it's a match of tactics being applied by people, like a mathematical formula fighting a different formula. Five dogs run there, six dogs run here, twenty tanks go here, then instantly turn around and move in a completely different direction, both bases look horrible and make no sense within the universe, but hey, they're efficient. It all makes sense if you're trying hard to win, but... it negates everything else about the game, it kills the immersion. Maybe that's because I'm a girl, but when I build a base, it looks like something made by Westwood in a campaign, because it makes sense to me. I send dogs to patrol the perimeter with soldiers - the way it would work on an actual outpost. My forces are usually located in places that would make sense, and I attack in ways that would make sense from a, I don't know, some weird roleplaying standpoint, I suppose. I am extremely inefficient, yes. And playing against me is probably as boring as playing against the AI unless you're interested in checking out my totally realistic outpost with an intricate system of patrols and other type of logistics before annihilating it with 100 tanks. But I can't help it, really. This is my idea of having fun. And everyone else will probably disagree, that's okay. That's why I usually stay away from online multiplayer and stick to fighting the AI: it won't complain about my noob skills and will wait with saint-like patience for me to finish my decorating before doing anything
  5. instalacao

    It depends. If someone does it just out of selfishness, then yes, it's wrong. But it could be that this person really doesn't speak English well enough to explain the problem. Getting past the registration process is not that difficult, the words used there are mostly international anyway. As for most people in the world know it - that's not entirely true. Only those who actually learned it intently speak it well enough to explain themselves when it comes to things like techincal difficulties or, well, anything beyond the "the toilet is that way, sir". The majority of other people could speak it well enough to understand what you are trying to say, and, perhaps, even help you by saying something along the lines of "yes, library there, go left, go right, library you see there". But that's not really "speaking English", that's... ehh, "trying to speak English". And then you've got the general populace, most of which isn't even capable of reading English, let alone of speaking it. Of course, this situation varies from country to country, I'm primarily speaking about my own country here.
  6. Tiberian Sun - Weird Audio Glitch

    Hi there, everyone! I've been experiencing a weird glitch lately with Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Namely, this: I hear a pretty loud "click" or "pop"-like sound whenever something is said by EVA or CABAL when a structure or unit is in production, or, in general, whenever they say something while the money count goes either up or down. This results in game sounding like this: "Training... CLICK. CLICK Unit ready CLICK". When I go into options menu and turn the in-game sound to 0, while leaving the music and the advisor speech as is, the glitch no longer happens - so it's not an issue with EVA or CABAL, but, as I suspect, it's got something to do with the money sound bugging out everything else for some reason. This behavior has been observed in two different version of Tiberian Sun I have: the one I downloaded from this site (the singleplayer version), and the old pre-Firestorm Spanish CD version, the only difference is that, well, they speak Spanish there, yet the popping sound still remains. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit, graphics patch applied, rendering - IE-ddraw, no additional video options, no additional audio options, single processor affinity ON (doesn't matter, tried changing it). Any ideas what might be causing this issue? It's not unplayable, and if you don't pay much attention to it, you learn to zone out and ignore it completely, but I'd rather not have to deal with it all, if possible. It could be that my hardware is just incompatible with something within the game's audio engine, considering how old it is, but if something can be done, I'd appreciate it. I mean, sure, I could try deleting the money sound effect, but... that's not really a good solution Thank you in advance.
  7. instalacao

    I'm not entirely sure this applies here. I've seen moderators on this board replying to people seeking aid in Spanish in, well, Spanish. Most likely through Google Translate, but still. Even if there is an actual written rule in here somewhere, then, perhaps, the best course of action is to simply inform the person about that rule by providing the link to it, and then to politely ask them to follow that rule and try to use English? I'm all for following rules, but while doing so, being polite is generally a nice thing. His comment just comes across as aggressive and dismissive.
  8. instalacao

    That is Portuguese, spoken by millions of people in Portugal and Brazil. English is not the only language in the world, it is generally considered that knowing more than one language is beneficial for you as a person, since every language is more than just a system of symbols and rules used for communication, it's a point of view through which entire generations of people belonging to a nation or culture have been viewing this world since their inception. Instead of demanding that everyone speak your own language in such a dismissive manner, I'd suggest you be more open to other cultures. Not to mention that this person was asking for help in the best way they knew, and luckily for them, some people here were actually able to assist. It's also about community. Does it matter what languages we speak if we're all here to enjoy this thing we clearly all love? Sharing this amazing series is part of why I am here, I want more and more people to experience these games once again, and that's why I'm working on translating these games into those languages that lack translations. The best way to make someone listen is to speak in their native tongue. Please, do not alienate people from other parts of the world simply because they speak a different language. Or, at the very least, if you really want to have a conversation with that person, try asking them to switch languages politely. If they're capable of doing that, they will. However, nobody will do it if you ask in such a disrespectful manner.
  9. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    Thank you so much! Today, we've finished recording all of CABAL's lines, including the briefing ones. Our actor isn't the one and only Milton James, of course, but he's trying hard!
  10. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    Thanks! Yessir. I've just installed my old Spanish CD copy which came out waaaay before the TFD version of the game (it even lacks Firestorm), applied the Tspatch (because otherwise I can't see the menu), and voila - the audio still clicks when, let's say, EVA or CABAL say something while a construction is in progress, when a unit is in production, or generally when the money amount either goes up or down. "¬°Construyendo! CLICK", "CLICK Unidad lista CLICK", "Entrenando... CLICK". Same weird thing.
  11. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    Yeah, just like Portuguese is Spanish with no grammar, Spanish is Italian with no grammar, French is Italian with no grammar, Polish is Czech with no grammar and English is a mixture of German, French and Latin, with no grammar. Please, go ahead and showcase your ignorance somewhere else, thank you very much.
  12. Hi everyone! There's something I'd like to share with y'all hoping some might find this at least somewhat curious. We're in the process of translating Tiberian Sun (and Firestorm) into Ukrainian. So far, all the text in the game has been successfully translated and everything's working out just great. We've also recorded all of the CABAL's in-game audio in Ukrainian and are now working on dubbing everything else, which, according to my humble estimation, would probably take quite awhile, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. Not that I'm comparing whatever it is we're doing with something as grand as the city of Rome, mind you, but still. So, here are some pictures for your enjoyment (click the spoiler!): For those who might be curious, the Tiberian Dawn translation is ready and has been met with quite a lot of enthusiasm from the Ukrainian fans. If someone here wants it, I'll gladly share. And here's something kinda off-topic, but still... I'm having an interesting issue with the TS audio using the singleplayer version of the game provided on this site. Basically, sometimes the audio "clicks" when the sound file starts or ends, usually only if something is being said while the harverster is unloading or when other money sound effects play (going up or down). It's a subtle "click" or "pop"-like sound, it's not extremely annoying, nor does it make the game unplayable, but I'd rather not have it. Any idea what might be causing it? For clarity - I'm talking about the clear English version, no changes made. Anyhow, hope this was somewhat entertaining for you guys. Cheers! ^_^
  13. Community Translation - Ukrainian Language Add-On

    The translation's gone gold. It's gonna be available for everyone to download in the next couple of days. We've also made a short trailer in the style of the 90s game trailers, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_fYdijxNFk&feature=youtu.be Here's what's said in the video, if anyone's interested: "In the late 1990s the whole Earth was shaken by a meteorite that crashed on the Tiber River, Italy. The space object had a mysterious but extremely valuable substance in it, called Tiberium. An ancient secret society, known as the Brotherhood of Nod, was the first to acquire the technology to exploit Tiberium's potential for their own gain, and later - to move forward with their global domination plans. In response to Nod's actions, the United Nations creates the Global Defense Initiative - an international organization tasked with fighting terrorism regardless of its nature. Situation gets worse each and every day, and the world is at the precipice of a Third World War. Enemy forces approaching. Yessir. Unit lost. Catch this little present of mine! Nuclear weapon is ready for launch. Now in Ukrainian."
  14. Community Translation - Ukrainian Language Add-On

    Thank you so much, Nariac! Progress report: The coming attraction screen is done and working perfectly. However, it looks like I'm not going to be able to do the multiplayer scores screen, since when put back in game, the palette seems to be messed up. It's 100% connected to the fact that I went through some cheating in order to translate it. Basically, I used XCC Mixer to turn the .wsa file into a bunch of PNG files, then used RAD tools to turn those into a video, edited it, then turned it into a bunch of PCX files and then turned those back into .wsa. Since I have to finish this translation today, and I don't seem to be able to find a way to correct the palette, I suppose we'll have to do without that screen. A shame, but I've been fighting with it since like 9 AM, and I'm honestly done.
  15. Community Translation - Ukrainian Language Add-On

    Hello everyone, I am stil alive. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but I am, in fact, not dead, and neither is this project! What happened was, uh, well... you know how people are shooting here sometimes? Yeah, well. I had to be relocated to a different city (like, on the other side of the country), because they needed assistance with their law enforcement. Basically, they needed more men (and women) to fill in the ranks, because they sent a detachment or two to Eastern Ukraine to help deal with that stuff, and that created problems within the departments as well as lack of manpower, and that's disastrous, because crime levels began to rise, and, well, the whole thing turned out to me a huge mess, and they sent my butt (alongside with some other unfortunate souls) to help out. Now, before you start imagining me as Princess Xena or something, nope, I'm just a regular law enforcement officer who sits in her office most of the time doing boring stuff, and none of that really matters. But a body is a body, and what you need for people to see are bodies being right where they should be. Anyhow, now I'm back home, with full Internet access and quite a lot of time to spare. Good news: while I was away, other people finished everything up. What's left are the score and the COMING ATTRACTION screens. And that's pretty much it! Oh, we've also recorded a short video to serve as an intro for Nariac's mission, and an ending, too! However... even though the original quality is pretty good, it looks EXTREMELY PIXELATED in the game. Any ideas how it would be possible to make it look less... crap? Oh, by the way, both you, Nyerguds, and Nariac are in the final titles