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  1. These changes would be great on all older games from C&C series, but all unit movement and usage etc is the way it was meant to be, NOT overthought! 1) proper anti cheat like valve by steam uses. 2) proper registration/account required to play that's limited to a single nickname 3) Once again start using keys, so users can be keybanned 4) Maybe upgrade the online player count to 12 or 16 slots so we can play 6vs6 or 8vs8 5) Game channel hosters should be able to add users/bad actors to their personal disallow player list, if I make a channel is auto disallows those persons until I remove them from my personal list. Hosters should have choice to remove rules breakers, team attackers, game crashers, laggers etc. Because people have different computers they still name hide and come back to harass and ruin games. We want the /ban "nickname" command back ………. 6) Lastly a choice to go to classic or high texture quality and fully compatable with win 8/10, if the person can run full frames at high texture it runs at high if not it would auto defaults to classic video and sound mode.
  2. There have always been "updates remakes remasters" to anything! and I try to be optimistic but ! Some might argue the highways to hell were paved with good intentions, Its not that EA wants to do the remasters it's the devil that's in the details and whether intentional or not EA must know this will fracture the CnCNet community, it is obvious that at this point even a small loss of players might end CnCNet. This same devil in the details scenario has happened to other communities and just because EA says they have no intentions to interfere does not meen EA has any obligation to leave CnCnet alone and not interfere. CnCNet got more of a following than EA though possible and obviously caught the attention of EA. EA than obviously came to the conclusion there is monetary potential and its not hard to see where this is going. EA owns the rights to everything C&C and has obvious monetary intentions for C&C. It's the Or Else Senario whether they are saying it or not so basically "Either go along with us and assist or your against us", with CnCNet having no other choice but to support it! EA might be inclined to think that if the remasters would no longer have to compete with the original classics being played online anymore it might benefit EA monetary potential. A predictable outcome could be that if EA is not happy with CnCNet and EA wants to go in another direction at any time they simply force a shut down of CnCNet matching services and site for copyright infringements, CnCNet would simply have to surrender and comply. Now that being said I don't think any of us are certain if remasters will be a hit. But what most of us are certain of is what works are new good ideas not old good ideas. Old titles became classics for good reason, we wanted something new with new story lines not old story lines. C&C's time has faded and it's following is mostly individuals clinging to nostalgia. As Youth we bathed in C&C glory but after 25 years anything loses its spark. RTS games don't get the youth exited these days, youth enjoy RPG or MMORPG and even FPS games have role playing elements. It will be difficult to recruit new young players and I would bet it would prove more difficult to get the older original classic players to join suit. Just like remakes of a scary movies as in we know what is going to happen beforehand and when nothing is a surprise its no longer a scary movie. I sure hope everything works out but all this makes me cringe and have that bitter taste and the question of where was EA when all the cheaters and botnets and flooders and game crashers overtook westwood servers. to most it seemed like they didn't care than so why the sudden interest .... If its just about the $$$ for EA than well myself im not for any of this.....
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