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  1. In fullscreen/non-windowed mode: Default, IE-DDraw, TS-DDraw, DDWrapper, and Nazoul DDraw display the game. DxWnd shows a transparency to the desktop. IE-DRAW allows alt-tab without losing the ability to continue playing a game. The others, as long as nothing keeps the window from remaining on top, will run fine. In Windowed Mode, including Borderless: Default, IE-DDraw, TS-DDraw, DDWrapper, and Nazoul DDraw give "qres" error message saying, "Screen mode not found: x=1536 y=864 c=16" DxWnd shows a black screen. I would like it if DxWnd could work again, as it was the best way for me to play.
  2. I seem to be having the same or similar issue. Running windows 10 Home.
  3. This helped me. DxWind with Windowed mode fixed everything. Thank you. And since leaving the window doesn't crash the game display, I don't have to worry about clicking the edge of the screen or accidentally pressing the windows key.
  4. Bumping because this issue is really getting me upset. I just want to enjoy the game.
  5. When I play C&C Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge, I frequently get a problem in which if the game is minimized (or otherwise not the top window.) and I try to bring it back up, it comes back up as a tiny unresponsive with the sound still playing. I can't make it bigger, and on the off chance that it's still full screen, it's unresponsive to my input and I have to Alt-F4 and start over. This happens if I click off the screen when I run dual monitor set up, if I click the edge of the screen with one monitor, if I leave my computer for long enough for the computer to turn off the screen, and sometimes at random if Windows decides it needs to be minimized for whatever reason. I hope this is something I can fix with the right settings, but I haven't found any other settings that work well yet. Could it work better in a virtual machine? Game settings: In-game Resolution: 1600x900 Client Resolution 1280x800 (Recommended) Detail Level: High Full Screen Client Checked Renderer TS-DDraw Client Theme: Yuri's Revenge Theme Windowed Mode: Unchecked Back Buffer...: Unchecked My system settings and specs: Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Second Monitor when used: 1280x1024 OS: Windows 10 Home RAM: 16 GB CPU: Intel Core i7-4720HQ GPU: Nvidia 960m
  6. My brothers and I are trying to start a LAN game together but we don't know how. If there's a way I'm supposed to set it up, I'd like to know. I searched for LAN but couldn't got no results. When I try to start a LAN game, the Client show's that I'm connected to a Loopback IP address ( We were able to play online, but my brother would like to be able to play on LAN because he doesn't have internet at his home.
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