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  1. Generalslavik

    Main Executable Windows 10

    Actually shortly after I made this post, I watched a video with a download link below it. downloaded 3 files and transferred them to my game folder and both the game and cncnet have worked pretty flawless since then. My issue was my RA2.ini was empty besides the intro. Here is the link that helped me fix. This was a *WINDOWS 10 FIX* https://mega.nz/#!OFpn2AzT!eatvFjyEPtxynN7M5EWNwEffEg7yq6INm7xsV9ec66A
  2. Generalslavik

    Main Executable Windows 10

    Hey guys. I'm having main executable not working when I launch ra2 from origin. The game will not work. But cncnet works fine. Including skirmish. I did make a post about it but I'm waiting for it to be approved I will try to post the link
  3. Generalslavik

    Ra2 Mode - the discussion

    The speed is much different in ra2 originally. The tanks especially turned much faster when aiming Imo. I feel like YR RA2 mode is just slower to a degree. I could be wrong. But when I play origins RA2 the difference seems noticable. And I noticed I set ra2 mode the other day and had selected random for my country and I got Yuri. Ended the game. Other than that I've had no issue. Still LOVE the fact that I can play ra2/YR online. And I appreciate all the work you guys are doing. iRageGaming.
  4. Generalslavik

    Real Allied Skills

    Anyone have any video links to watch? I've youtubed a lot of them. I mainly play sov, but watching some good allied tactics would be sweet. I'm rusty as all hell. I played a few 1v1's the other day (As Sov). I messed my build order up both times, it use to be pp bar ref war ref($) ref($) pp radar bl naval back in the day. But I get caught up in the gameplay. I'm always caught between the quick win or playing a lengthy game. Since no ladders i'd like to play it out for a while and see it thru. but I don't because it seems like have the community wants to engi rush and the other half wants to play it out. So any videos on either Ally or Sov would be good actually. Heres a link to my 1v1s. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=JcB-bWb9PDo if anyone can comment and let me know what I did wrong or what I can do to fix would be much appreciated.
  5. Generalslavik

    Looking for a group of active ladder TS & YR Testers

    I'm getting back into cncnet again now that my baby was born. Would love to help. Just let me know if you still need any. SN is SHUDRSKI on ra2/yr