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  1. Enclosed at home. Playing game to kill time. lol
  2. The mini cursors in Ra2 The mini cursors in YR They are invisble and disappear in the CnCNet Red Alert 2 Mode
  3. The mini cursors of the nuke weapons(exp. nuclear silo, lighting storm when they are ready to use) as well as the paratroopers in the mini map upright are all lost.
  4. Great Thanks! Hopefully this function could be added soon.
  5. I have downloaded a big custom maps pack online.These maps can be loaded directly by the original Yuri.exe in the game folder. And I move all .yrm into \Maps\Custom folder as the Custom maps.txt said. But when i open cncnet client again, the extra custom maps cannot be seen and their file extensions are sitll .yrm rather than being rendered correctly into .map. Shouldn't those custom maps be rendered automatically by CNCNET Client? Or is there anything missing? Please help.
  6. What have the update done to the game? My Yuri's Revenge has been patched the Chinese Language pack. After the update 4.23, my game cannot run with the language pack... All i see is that the whole game is in ENGLISH! The Chinese language pack consisting of: expandmd98.mix langmd.mix language.mix subtitle.txt subtitlemd.txt PS: The original Red Alert 2 runs correctly with the language pack.
  7. No. My graphics card is Nvidia 1060 3GB. Latest driver for it.
  8. But after i deleted the cncnet client completely and reinstalled it, the CncNet on my computer still use GDI automatically. I have to replace the GDI with 79kb OpenGl ddraw by renaming.
  9. Where is the OpenGL ddraw? OpenGL renderer works perfectly on my computer. But GDI has frame skip and no cursor after minimization. Apart from new map pack, what's this for?
  10. Great thanks to your fantastic work.Really wanna know which is the best render up to now. GDI or Opengl?Why are the sizes of Opengl different between the github and the released version in CnCNet?79kb and 29.5kb?Which one is the latest one?
  11. I installed the client, but only to find pictures missing in the maps list with a black background. What's this problem? How to fix it?
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