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  1. Yo ! my latest work, hope you like it ! Download Here
  2. YO YO Thank you bro ! love your maps and work ! actually i've been thinking about asking you about the animation thing (a mutual friend told me about it). also i've seen attack scripts from many maps and i used nice one, i will update the map here and release also a new one. please send me the ini you talked about.
  3. So this is my first map ever ! i usually open others' maps and edit it, but today i made this from scratch !! It's a bit hard but i hope you enjoy it ! and give me feedback if you played it !! https://www.mediafire.com/file/rty3poho10c0mlb/deathtrap survival-rev5.zip How to install ? just drag it to C:\xxx\RedAlert2\Maps\Custom\
  4. one more question if you don't mind, so the whole thing am asking for is to edit some maps i have, mostly survival maps. so the maps have names like "28827742..." and the renderer is producing screeshots with actual names, any idea how i can i make the renderer skip the map name and produce output based on input file ?? in other words, when i render the map "10.map", the screenshot name is "survival by X.jpg", can i force it to skip naming ? so the output be "10.jpg" ? or is there another app to change .map names ?
  5. lol .. sorry bro i was not focusing well. i used the map renderer i found in RA2 game file not the one you linked here xD, now it's working thank you !
  6. man ... where to write what ? can you just be more clear ?? i have RA2 folder in D:\Games\RA and the maps inside it
  7. is there any way i can apply this to huge maps folder ? i can't do it one by one for 100 maps
  8. no, am creating a room, choose a map .. when am about to start it crashes ... i deleted some maps, clean install, added only 8 maps custom that i always play, changed renderer from setting. nothing works
  9. also i found this file ClientCrashLog_14_9_2017_22_36.txt
  10. yes, and this is my crash logs if anyone is interested. ErrorLogs.rar
  11. As the title said, check the latest crash report. ErrorLogs.rar
  12. yeah i found the pink line disconnected on 2 slopes of the map, still i have no idea how to fix them, am still new to this so am practicing on existing maps. will try to redraw the slope from scratch and see what happens
  13. i have to register my serial to do so .. i don't have one
  14. Hello ! So, i've been into this nasty bug in custom maps and can't think of a solution for it ! in some cases the units are stuck on the field, you can't move them ! specially if something was being killed in that location, you will not be able to move and units became stuck ! this mainly happens in survival maps with me. I though it was smudges and i did a clear smudge repeating trigger in final alert 2 but it did not solve it. any thoughts ?
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