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  1. it started by this fb posted by a pretty well known page in gaming community for thai people https://www.facebook.com/sheapgamer/posts/669317057182957/ then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGC28HxCaRM https://www.facebook.com/gssspotted/videos/2623670241247814 and so goes the reaction chain there is a bit of history here apparently when the Red Alert 2 released back in the day almost all of computer shop in Thailand sold their computer with pirated ra2 installed. so pretty much all thai ppl with computer back then have played Red Alert 2 (it was overwhelmingly popular than Starcraft Aoe). so that fb post probably triggered their nostalgia on the game.
  2. FELlTH

    DroneBL's IP blocking

    ahh DroneBL unban me now. thread close. thanks to Hitsugaya, GameSurge volunteer staff who has contact to dronebl for me.
  3. FELlTH

    DroneBL's IP blocking

    I've contacted GameSurge staff by myself (via chrome's VPN because my IP got ban from their IRC) they said I have to wait for DroneBL to unban my IP. (been waiting for 8 days now) or another way is to use BNC but look like it'll not work on cncnet client because the client doesn't have option to change IRC server. so what can I do now? wait for another week?
  4. FELlTH

    DroneBL's IP blocking

    I sent a request to GameSurge yesterday. still can't play. so 1 more weekend without RA2
  5. FELlTH

    DroneBL's IP blocking

    It does say it got ban since 2017. How can I check when is it gonna expired?
  6. FELlTH

    DroneBL's IP blocking

    How long it's gonna take?? would you guy just whitelist me?
  7. requested for removal for 3 days and still can't play.
  8. @Rampastring you should do this. if any Waypoint#= does exist in .map file under [Basic] section, Client will use Waypoint<0-7>= instead of <0-7>= under [Waypoints] section edit: I think you should use new [Client] section for your Client stuff instead of [Basic]. is this possible?
  9. didn't work. I changed waypoint 5(6),6(7),7(8) to 16,17,18 then I changed spawn location of EnemyHouse0-2 to match with my new waypoint and yeah starting point 6,7,8 on the preview now gone. I choose to spawn at 1, Ally AI at 2 and then I tried to start the game. enemy AI that should be on waypoint 16,17,18. instead, they spawning at waypoint 2(3),3(4),4(5). When I try again with one more Ally AI. The game won't starting load. (sound like, there is no location left for an enemy AI to take it) Do I understand this syntax correct? EnemyHouse0=<country>,<color>,<spawnAtWaypoint> Did you have any Documentation for this yet?
  10. I don't want players to choose a point on the preview that I want to hide. that point is only for AI that spawning by "EnemyHouse0=".
  11. https://forums.revora.net/topic/107971-mo-33-this-image-format-is-not-supported-workaround/
  12. doesn't worked. t^t edit: I'm on Mental Omega btw. more custom maps question. How can I hide a Starting location on the classic preview map? (well, I can't use "high res preview map with Waypoint0=" to solve this.)
  13. I created .ini file the same name as .map and put this into the ini [ForcedOptions] chkSuperweapons=true the Superweapons setting still uncheckable in the lobby also use this on .map itself and still doesn't worked. [Basic] ForcedOptions=superweaponsForcedOptions More Question. How to add high res preview on my Custom map?
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