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  1. Same to me. I thought im only one having this problem. its only happens today for me, and even thought script error, i can still play.. i think its in the server issue if a lot was experiencing it. i would wait tommorow and see if they fix it
  2. we have bit similar problem. check my thread.. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8522-yuris-revenge-launcher-has-stopped-working-windows-81/ it could be also your anti virus blocking the clientdx.exe. you should allow it or trust to run on your computer
  3. same to me too. then i found out its because something in their server or having maintenace. so i wait the next day and its was working now. and probably in different places has different maintenace time, so just wait for atleast 1 day, and see if its gona work next day.
  4. i finally found out how to make exception or restore it. i just temporary disabled my av first, then check and restored the clientdx.exe and viola! its restored and works now! i thought first it could be my av blocking it, but theres no notice or warning about it, or did i just missed it.. but as just dkeeton said, it could be my av, so i look it again and found out hes right. THANKS dkeeton!
  5. @dkeeton thanks for that help! i look at my avast av chest and found out that what you said clientdx.exe is somewhat blocked or locked, but when i trying to make a exception or restoring it, theres no option, i tried to click the down arrow but still no option, i think they prevent it, i think they thought its very dangerous threat, but im gona look for help now, im gonna google search it on how to make an excemption of it and restore. thanks dkeeton!
  6. Hi.. I have installed the cncnet on my red alert 2 with yuris revenge, and it was successful and i can play several times that day, but on the next day, it suddenly appear this for a moment then gone, its says "yuris revenge launcher has stopped working" i have using window 8.1 so i decided to reinstall the game and the cncnet, and it was successful again and i can play several times,, but then again on the next day, its the same,, its appear again "yuris revenge launcher has stopped working" i look at the forums to find similiar problem like mine but its seem nothin, so i dont know how to fix this.. after reinstall i can play again several times but later i cant.. please help me to fix this, i love cncnet, for us to be able to play it online.. please help me thanks.. i uploaded the client.log if its helps client.log
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