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  1. Update 4.00 removed ladder from yr client, why? Now you can only view it through web browser.
  2. Iron Curtain counts down too fast, making it the goto, instead of another strategic option.
  3. Is that a known bug? None of those games happened, the other guy never loaded in any of these and then seemingly at random I get a win/loss for it. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/5-2018/yr/games/27635 https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/5-2018/yr/games/27589 https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/5-2018/yr/games/27586
  4. How many maps is this? Like more than 50? And you can set like ~9 maps to reject? Leaving over 40 maps. And not all maps got a big preview before you get launched into game, so you can at least kinda see where the gems and oil derricks are. It's a bit overwhelming for old players like myself trying to do some quickmatch games after not having played for years. I'd suggest a smaller map pool. Love what you cncnet guys done with the game overall though, much props. 👍
  5. Played a lot of Ra3 myself, mostly on gamespy. Cnconline/revora is more similar to xwis - it's kinda the official successor to gamespy, but it isn't as full fledged as gamespy was. The biggest thing that's missing in Red Alert 3 is automatch/quickmatch, the game could have a nice little resurgence with that added. So would be really cool if cncnet did that for Ra3, much like they gave Yuri's Revenge a resurgence.
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