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  1. laserbeak

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Brutes destroy Terror Drones in one hit, interesting, also vice versa (I think)... https://youtu.be/watch?v=IAK9oV-gJ4c & here's a video with Prism Towers vs. Tesla Coils ~> https://youtu.be/watch?v=IAK9oV-gJ4c (~8 mins.) All of Yuri's infantry are like a specialty, from the Brute's to the Virus & even the initiate, got a powerful choice of infantry. 3 Power Plants loaded with Iniates' provide as much power as a Nuclear Reactor i.e. 1900 (Nuke Reactor = 2000) IIRC. Worry about Terror Drone ?: Harrier (1 missile) |Floating Disc (unlimited ammo.) Most Yuri players make Floating Discs anyway [not Masterminds], & I've seen them win.
  2. laserbeak

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    The Allies have cool Linked Prism Tower technology (2 additional Prism Towers can link to create a powerful beam.) The Soviets have their Tesla Troopers powering the Tesla Coils (3 other TT's in close proximity of Tesla Coils to power it offline, & a more lethal blast.) It has its usefulness in MP but I see no use for it in Single-player. As you can see, the Allies have iron-clad techniques, whilst the Soviets require you to make use of adhoc motley tactics. Perhaps if the Siege Chopper could transport units, could turn the tide...
  3. Yeah make it two notches lower from max i.e. gamespeed "4". There are some maps like "Turf War" where you can hide behind your allies (so make some Medium allies: Korea, Germany !) & the Team Continents random maps where you gain an edge since Easy Enemy rarely builds a navy, start with those, till you feel confident. Otherwise make Battle Bunkers garrisoned with Conscripts if you are getting attacked early on... In Team Continents maps, just build 16 Harriers & cripple their Construction Yard + War Factory, Barracks. Also pick Russia as the enemy because their specialty is useless. Heh. "Army of The Potomac" (Oil derricks) & "Alaskan Oil Spill" are also good maps for novices. P.S: Don't make Pillboxes, just make Prism Towers...
  4. laserbeak

    Soviet VS Yuri

    I agree completely. SW's favor Yuri as well, as they get the Genetic Mutator to turn any infantry into their side weapon —not that great since Base defenses would easily take them out, & also able to target your heavy cavalry with Psychic Dominator, I had to leave a match (single-player) because of it (too disruptive) —but I forgot to get the German army to ally with me so... I got hit by the Weather Control Device, or I'd be winning. I don't know what happened to Force Shield... P.S: The Soviets just have Flak technology, which is all they're good at.
  5. laserbeak

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    True dat
  6. laserbeak

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Ooh OK, then again I don't play with Superweapons.
  7. laserbeak

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Good luck beating a computer on base deployment timing !
  8. laserbeak

    Ra2 and Yuri´s Revenge Black Screen Windows 10

    The -win command-line switch kept causing my game to crash when I moved the mouse to the bottom of the screen, don't know if that's fixed now. There was an additional file to stabilize the window mode by removing borders or something, but that didn't work for me either. But yeah, XP SP3 compatibility with Run as Admin are vital to get the game running on Windows 10. Good luck !
  9. laserbeak

    Destroy Battle Fortress + Guardian GIs?

    Battle Fortresses can crush Apocalypse Tanks [& walls], those things are evil incarnate !! Luckily I've never had to face them in all of my MP exploits.
  10. laserbeak

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    Or Demolition Trucks in countless rally pointed Amphibious Transports. I've seen that & Tanya spamming in one Red Alert 2 game, by a pro player at my local LAN café. 😉
  11. laserbeak

    Soviet VS Yuri

    Why are you wasting time Terror Droning his Masterminds, when you could be radiating the Slave Miner workers with Desolators ? Economic Warfare is the best strategy ever. Also, there's a trick to use cannon fodder (lots of Conscripts+Terror Drones) in front of your Rhinos to make the Masterminds waste mind-control slots & overheat, this adhoc tactic works as there's no Robot Tanks like the Allies have got. Also hotkey them seperately from the tanks. I've used this tactic mainly to draw enemy Mirage Tanks fire from Rhinos but works for other factions as well. BTW Terror Drones are useless if they get in range of Gattling Cannons, so they're limited in their use.
  12. laserbeak

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    No, you don't gain anything that way, only reason to kill your unit is when it's Terror Droned & you need to kill your unit to stop it from spreading.
  13. laserbeak

    Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    I read in the GameFAQs guide by S. Rudiyanto that the Industrial Plant: Reduces production costs and production speed of all Vehicles (including Aircraft and Naval) by 25%. Also, if I remember correctly, each additional War Factory increases production speed by 25% —can't verify this anymore & you can have this increment in speed for upto 6 additional buildings.
  14. laserbeak

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    The Allies have the Battle Fortress which can crush tanks & walls, lethal against vehicles _&_ air —the Soviets have no counterpart & are severely outclassed —just 3 of them with garrisoned Guardian GI's can stave off attacks to a base [in single-player.] Also Allied Robot Tanks in 15+ are the answer to Yuri's psychic technology & can be pivotal against an Easy Enemy for instance.
  15. laserbeak

    What's the obsession with highest game speed?

    Slower speeds appeal to me as well too —gives you more time to contemplate your moves & make judgements. However, I guess temporarily increasing speeds [in single-player] can be quite handy to increase production time. But anyone with a modicum of logic can tell the game is more breathtaking at a speed lower than default, which is 'Fast,' so tone it down one notch (6 to 5) as I have.