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  1. Whenever I try going near a building, or entering it, the mouse moves up, not a hardware problem (Intel HD Graphics (2 GB ?). It's an old game, bound to be glitchy. If there's any fix or configuration tweak, let me know.. I've played it a long time back on Windows XP & don't think I've had this problem, I thought maybe it's the resolution or Config Tool settings, but no difference. I don't want to download Renegade-X as my Harddisk's almost full & I don't intend to play on multiplayer, I just play Multiplayer Practice...
  2. I use Hover MLRS (~4) [Multiple Launch Rocket System] to defend the harvesters from HARPEEs' and to guard tiberium fields (against AI of course.) Also at one point I used Rocket Soldiers, they're effective as fodder —don't know why I stopped. I'd say the Attack Bike is useless.
  3. Yuri is unstoppable, except for one thing... Robot Tanks !
  4. You are saying Primagames Official Strategy Guide is wrong ? It is, infantry can defeat tanks, tanks defeat vehicles + building. No single unit is omnipotent —that's how most RTS game mechanics work —I know 'cause I've been playing them for 2 decades. Back your facts up or put it to the curb.
  5. I'am starting to get into Red Alert 1 —I find the game to be immensely thrilling ! I already read all of the unofficial guides on it, it is truly deep & satisfying ! I've played this game 2 decades ago but didn't really take to it, but after playing almost every CnC game, including Renegrade, I'am drawn to it. I like the Chrono & MAD Tanks, which are exclusive to RA1 & the AI is is tough.
  6. The people in here keep making threads about how Allies are superior, & then when I agree, they say: the best players play as Soviet. 😕 Don't mean to be tetchy but this is the cold truth. Also to debunk whether either side is better is utterly pointless & cou'ld take eons —what's better is discussing unit counters & stuff like that; clearly this game works on a rock\paper\scissors concept & so no one unit is allowed to reign supreme. Get your heads out of the gutter & realize this inalleviable fact. <EMBRACE THE INEVITABLE!>
  7. If the game looks like its going to last long enough build a nuke.
  8. Tiger Chopper, & Kirov ? I remember reading about it, but my memory's hazy, could be Red Alert 1 —with the MAD\ Chrono Tanks ! There are just so many Command and Conquer games: Aftermath, Counter Strike, Sole Survivor et. al.
  9. Avast is owned by AVG now —& it sucks —but AVG sucks more. Some Monopoly game file got sent to the Chest, & when I looked up how to restore it, they said they haven't added that feature yet. -sheesh- Also some other people claiming to have crucial files in their Chest was told to e-mail AVG & they'd send it to them, so they're biased. Once before Avast messed up my boot record but it seems better now. Make sure you disable PuPs' looks like that's what's being flagged.
  10. It felt pathetic when it hit me that most players at my LAN café picked Allies 'cause of the SpySat Uplink ! Blech ! Played Army of The Potomac as Libya, took most of the derricks, then hit the WF with Demo Trucks, then 2 Siege Choppers camped outside their base, & finally 3 Kirovs bombed them to kingdom come. Also disabled music, I found I can play better without it —it's distacting. I also play Star Wsrs: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, & the musik there is soothing so... Modern games don't play heavy metal tracks. Heh Can confirm Gattling Tanks chew Terror Drones & spit them out !

  11. Have 4-6 Miners late game. Use Ctrl+F1-F3 (& then F1-F3) to save\ restore map camera positions. Have additional War Factories for faster unit production. Instead of Tank Rush, try Kirovs —Allies build Engineer IFV, Seal IFV, et. al. —also pick France, Iraq with prejudice. If you are Yuri train Virii, Brutes, 2 Yuri Primes, & Magnetrons' of course. Also beware of Rocketeer\ Mirage Tank\ IFV hoarders, they're the worst —so make enough Rhinos' & Flak Traks' to counter.
  12. If you want to gain an edge, buy a gaming mouse, like a Razer Copperhead. 😁 ...Also that's what Industrial Plant is for.
  13. You should learn to govern your emotions. Also, this was in Random map, not puny City maps, I never played any official maps back then. I honed my skills well, then tragedy struck & I was out-of-touch for a brief period (things will never be the same again.) I was mainly testing different unit combos' at the time —losing some big LAN matches piqued my interest & made me up my game.
  14. I used to play 3 Brutal Soviets with Iron Curtains back then, but I feel incompetent now.
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